Wor L dle—Geography version of Wordle

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I'm quitting Wordle and WorLdle, haven't been enjoying them lately. I'll stay with the 3 I enjoy—Quordle, Squareword and Waffle.

If anyone wants to keep the scoresheet going, here it is as of now:

OLC Members
Brian Boru x 54
COLGeek x 47
FreezerBurn x 23
Kaamos x 1
Pifanjr x 8
WoodenSaucer x 8
ZedClampet x 4
Gonna miss you being in this one. Now it's only going to be me most of the time.

BTW, did you ever notice today's country looks kind of like Barney the Dinosaur? Lol

#Worldle #169 1/6 (100%)
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Not as bad as it got me. I actually never knew what that looked like

because it's so small

#Worldle #170 6/6 (100%)
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