Will we ever get another X-Wing or Tie-Fighter game?

Last night I played X-Wing Alliance with some graphical mods. The game still rocks, still is one of the best Star Wars games ever made. It released in 1999. And that's the most absurd thing. The last spacecombatsim from Star Wars is over 20 years old (I'm not counting the Battlefront games because they were a more simplified version of the original X-Wing games). With the latest uprise in spacecombatgames one might ask: will EA ever take action? If a reboot of the Wing Commander-series, Star Citizen, can collect over 200 million dollars, why does EA just sit and wait? There's profit in these games, but they choose to go down the old path. As a fan of the old X-Wing games one can only hope...
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It's not Star Wars, but as fan of such classics and games like Freespace and Freelancer I really enjoyed Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. You might get a kick out of it, too. It's a go anywhere, do anything, shoot anyone type of space affair that was straight up my alley last year. I really like the rusty, lived-in space cowboy vibe that it has going on and it's got that in common with Star Wars, at least. If you liked the aesthetic of The Mandalorian, you know exactly what you are getting with this one.

It would be nice to see TIE Fighter 2 or X-Wing Alliance 2, unfortunately it would be covered in Disney's new canon instead of the excellent Expanded Universe, in which TIE Fighter, X-Wing, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance are all based.

Serving Vice Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars TIE Fighter is one of the most memorable moments in PC gaming history, and with Star Wars Rebels ret-conning him into a Grand Admiral before the Galactic Civil War even begins makes it a bit awkward.
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The chances are likely close to zero unless it was part of another game.
The problem is Flight Simulators are just too niche to invest in financially as there is not enough people intersted in them.

There will always be Partial Simulators like in Battlefront 2.
Quite Possibly an improved version in Old Republic 2.0
Though I would not expect a full-fledged title until a point in time Flight Simulators become main stream again.

While this may sound like "Bad News" - it all hinges on Star Citizen.
If Star Citizen ends up becoming a Popular Driving Force for the Genre - a Star Wars Flight Simulator will not be too far behind to capitalize.
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Did they read my mind? :D

First thing I'll be doing, and this might sound strange: fly the opposite way from where the objective is and keep flying in to outer space. And flying, and flying...If there is no pop up ordering me to go back to the mission area, then I'll know they did a good job.