Question Will this pc run league of legends on high settings?

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Jan 17, 2020
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Minimum: 3.0+ GHz Processor*
*Players utilizing multi-core processors should still make sure that each core sports 3.0+ GHz.
Recommended: 3 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • What is it?
    Your central processing unit (CPU) is essentially the brain of your computer. The processor handles everything from the most basic of instructions to the most complex computations.
  • What does it do for me?
    Your CPU handles all computing processes, so it controls things like how quickly a program starts up. Processing speed is measured by gigahertz (GHz); 1 GHz is equivalent to one billion instructions per second. The better your CPU, the faster your computer will perform.

Minimum: 1 GB of RAM*
Recommended: 4GB of RAM
  • What is it?
    Random Access Memory (RAM) is a special type of memory that's installed directly into your motherboard. Whenever you open a program it gets loaded from your hard drive to your RAM. RAM is much faster to read and write to, and allows programs to load very quickly. Whenever you restart your computer, it completely flushes what was stored in your RAM.
  • What does it do for me?
    The more RAM you have, the more information can be stored on your RAM instead of your hard drive. This can greatly increase the speed of your computer. Unfortunately, having many programs open at once can consume all your available memory. This can result in very slow load times, as well as game crashes. Before playing League of Legends, try to shut down as many unnecessary programs as possible. You should notice an immediate boost in speed!

Minimum: 12 GB available hard drive space
Recommended: 16 GB available hard drive space
  • What is it?
    Your hard drive is where all of your data is stored. It's the physical location of all of your files, folders, programs, etc. This information is stored on your hard drive magnetically, so unlike your RAM, the information stays on the drive even after shutting down your computer. (Solid-state drives (SSDs), another type of hard drive, are based on flash memory, and unlike traditional hard drives, do not have moving parts)
  • What does it do for me?
    A certain amount of space is required for the initial installation of League of Legends, as well as the patches that are released every two weeks. With the game logs that are saved, and the additional content that's continually added, the amount of space required for League of Legends is continually growing. For that reason, it's safer to always have a solid amount of free space on your hard drive. The minimum specifications will be for the initial installation, and the recommended will be to handle the future updates.

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