Who's your favorite pawn you've hired in Dragon's Dogma 2?

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Welcome back PC gamers to another week in the chat log. It's been a week since Dragon's Dogma 2 launched and it feels like tons of our team, and readers, have been playing. So this was a good week to dedicate to talking with our absolutely dauntless RPG reviewer and online editor Fraser Brown. If you've been playing too (or if you've just seen some good antics on social media) tell me:

Who's your favorite pawn you've hired in Dragon's Dogma 2?​

There are technically only a few actual dispositions controlling a pawn's combat attitude but the silly stories we've all had with ours sure makes it feel like they're even more individualized than that. Fraser's pawn Gorbo is a sight to behold and I'll see if I can convince him to come share a screenshot with you all. Personally I hired a mage named Rock very early on, made by an arisen named "queen" with the bust slider turned ALL the way up. Rock has been a good guy, always laying down the heals when I need them and he particularly likes notifying me of nearby chests in the wild. And hey, if you haven't hired anyone cool yet just feel free to show off your own pawn.
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How do you know another pawn's Arisen's bust slider? Gossip? That must have been an interesting line.

OK, this image is far too dark, but it does show my pawn from DD1 on the left side of the picture.

What's more, it also shows that the first game also had outfit silliness. That pink dress is a free bonus - and terribly overpowered. I was FAR into the game before I found better. While the dress ridiculous in some settings, poor Zloth is wearing a jester hat! It had great stats. (Can you imagine what the gossipy pawns of DD2 would say!?) After that, Zloth mostly wore helmets that completely covered his face.

There was another fun little moment when I hired Jeniffer and Jenifer.

P.S. So, if Cosmo is blond, the streaks in Fraser's beard are...
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