Which is better?

Jun 7, 2024
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I have a choice to make. Currently I have HP Omen with Intel Core i7-13620H, RTX 4050, 16' screen and 16 gb DDR5 RAM.

I can exchange it to HP Victus, with Intel Core i5-12500h, RTX 4060, 15.6' screen, 16 gb DDR4 RAM.

What should I choose? Which one will perform better?
The CPU on your current machine is slightly better than the new one, but the new GPU is significantly better than the old one. Since games are heavy on the GPU side, the new one will perform a little better than the first one in most games. For instance, if you were getting 40 FPS on the old one, you could get around 48 FPS on the new one. Only you can decide whether that's worth whatever expense comes with getting the new one.
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