Where did all the joysticks go?

May 1, 2020
Yonks back I had the Saitek X36, when space sims were more frequent. Now I want the modern day equivalent the X56, I can't seem to find it or pretty much any of the higher end Logitech/Saitek models to buy online (other than 5x the cost on eBay).

So does anyone know why this is? Possibly a long term thing or more recent because of Covid?

Or perhaps there are places out there to get one that I'm not aware of. I'm only wanting to buy new.

It's frustrating as I threw out my Cyborg one only a couple of months ago, now I'm itching to play Elite Dangerous again and Star Wars Squadrons is on the horizon.
May 21, 2020
I don't think there have been many new 'casual' joysticks for a while from the big names, people have mostly cruised by on what was there, whether the T.16000m (My personal favourite) or one of the Saiteks - Or even a Warthog of you've had a tax rebate!! Most people gaming with joysticks is on the fringe - Elite, or DCS, something like that. I haven't played Elite in a while, but I was definitely excited to see Squadrons will support HOTAS.
I think Hama has one on Amazon in the £30 range with ok reviews, Speedlink is still there with some basic sticks, but 'proper' HOTAS stick and throttle setups have been up in the £100 range for a while, and with logistics being stuffed up by Coronavirus issues, then something had to give, and lots of people sat at home blew through available stock in a hurry.
Things should hopefully start to even out, and if Squadrons does ok, plus the new MS flight Sim, maybe we'll see a renaissance...
May 31, 2020
I've got Logitech Extreme 3D Pro collecting dust in some cupboard. If a game is much better with analogue input I'll dig out an xbox controller. It's not as precise but it's good enough. My guess would be most casual joystick people went the same way. It's either lay down serious cash (and desk space) for a HOTAS or use a controller. Doesn't help that more gamified/casual flight sims(think Red Baron 2, Knights of the Sky, etc) is a dead genre.

Maybe the new Star Wars game will revive casual gamer joysticks as a thing?
May 21, 2020
I think also that some recent starfighter type games don't support joysticks, only controllers to make the port easier... The fact it specifically says they support HOTAS as well as VR may just make a difference.
I'd definitely expect it to be easier to sell a £100 joystick to someone who spent £800 on VR kit and wanted to make the experience more authentic ;)


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Jan 17, 2020
I go between wanting a new joystick and hoping new flight sim PC games can have a similar control style to Freelancer where it essentially turns your mouse into a joystick. I think part of what has killed Joysticks is how games rather rarely stick to a single vehicle type anymore. Take the upcoming (for the last almost 9 years) Star Citizen, I was super excited to hear about all the planets we could fly and land on, the free flight mechanics and persistent universe, but they decided that was not enough anymore, they HAVE to add an FPS function.

I really miss my force feedback sidewinder when playing Jane's Combat simulator or any of the IL-2 games. Those were some of the best times to be a gamer IMO.


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Nov 25, 2019
There is still a big HOTAS community! Working on Valkyrie we talked to them a lot - it's just quite niche when it comes to the new market - however I have seen in my time, some AMAZING flight set-ups. VR and HOTAS go together so well, I think a AR hotas interface would be incredible paried with some google glass or something...
May 21, 2020
It's true - Sitting in the groups for elite Dangerous it's positively scary some of their rigs - And once you're in the serious or semi-serious flight sim areas.... Wow.