Where are Reset buttons going!?


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Looking around at cases, it seems like its a lot easier to find controls for LED lights than a proper reset button. Weirder yet, I could swear that cheaper cases are more likely to have a reset button than more expensive ones!?

Do people just not want these buttons anymore?


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I'm mostly interested in why. Most cases don't seem to be out of space. Why wouldn't they just pop a little one on there? Even the kind where you need to stick a pencil in to push the button. I guess it's starting to matter less with no mechanical hard drives or anything else mechanical for that matter, but why not if it's so trivial to do?
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Dec 17, 2020
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I remember when the STOPPED doing the reset button. Long ago back in the 1990s...

I think the 486sx2 was the first generation of processor that didnt come iwth one..

Remember the computer kid down the road crapping bricks when my mother called him to look at ours cuz it wasnt working right, and she told him shed been hitting the reset button for half an hour non stop, and he was just soooo surprised it could still turn on
I definitely want one, as I've had rare game freezes in the past that just locked up my PC when gaming in full screen. CTR>ALT>DEL wouldn't work, and the only way out was a hard reset. It's always a last resort as I don't like using it, but in those rare times that freeze up happens, that reset button saves me. I wouldn't want a case without one.