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Nov 25, 2020
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My newly built PC keeps on restarting randomly. Sometimes, it will run for 6-10 hours without any issue. Then other times it will simply restart when I open an application (browser, tabs, etc.) or games and sometimes it just restarts at its will. Every time it restarts. I using lates drivers and bios. ı can not read dmp files. Can someone help to find problem. Thats my dump files!Aiw32n8H1Nh5gwO7jSdadYFQWUNl?e=HMIqns
Yes, toms hardware is a very reliable place of information! I have solved issues through that many times lol. My first guess would be overheating issues, if you dont have that you might want to test out your components individually since failing hardware can cause that as well. Reinstall GPU drivers with DDU, if all else fails, i know some people recommend reinstalling windows, but check that site there is more in depth info than this.
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