What's the most violent pc game you ever used

The first pc game i bought back in 2002 was THE THING , i got it because i had seen the film and wanted to see if it actually followed the film story .... it did !

I was 47 in 2002 and picked up the game in pc world as a member of staff was removing copies of it from stock , apparently people had complained about heads been split open by snipers in the aircraft hanger.

I got manhunt about 2 months before it was banned , in the past week i have replayed it for old times sake and i had forgotten just how violent it was.

When i got manhunt 2 i was not sure what to expect , one of the first things i saw was a guy get his smashed in with a huge mallet ! , as far as i remember it was only available from a firm called brb before it was banned.
Probably relatively tame for me—I don't play horror or hack n slash, nor linear shooters which require constant spraying.

Various Far Crys have various takedown animations which can be gory, eg an eye stab done with relish—or maybe it was ketchup. The skinning animals animations are very tedious rather than very gross—I've had say a dozen wolves piled up around me which necessitated 12 separate animations. Such ludicrous gameplay design made me quite violent—does that count?

Actually the original Far Cry got pretty violent in the second half—the half of the game they ruined by bringing in the Trigen mutants which were very interested in chomping on the player in a slice & dice sort of way.

Maybe the original Doom—I played a few hours of that, since it was the advanced shooter of its day. Very boring and quite violent if I recall correctly.

Hmm, where do nukes and chem weapons rank in this scheme of things?
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I'm fairly hardened to physical violence in media, and it generally doesnt bother me. But the times off the top of my head that surprised me are:

Soldier of Fortune, the first game I remember that actually allowed dismemberment

Modern Warfare 2: No Russian.

OG GTA: Gouranga!

Dead Space 2, the eye scene.

God of War 3 was a step up in brutality for me in the late 2000's, pretty visceral close ups of stuff getting torn up/out in QTE's. I hadnt played the previous games though

@BrianBoru has a very good point though, I would maybe have gone with a post nuclear war Civilization game, though I didnt usually go that route.
I would have to say Phantasmagoria (1995). It is not the goriest or violent game out there, but the sheer sadistic cinematics in that game is the absolute worst I have ever seen. They used a mix of real actors and CGI, which made the scenes with the torture feel quite realistic. There is no game made since that I feel can even match that kind of gruesomeness when it comes to realism, with maybe the exception of perhaps Spec Ops: The Line, though even that game did not have the same direct "fly on the wall" scenes, even if the story/scenes were quite horrible.

Manhunt and Hatred are obviously also quite gnarly, but both games are more edgy than sadistic. You don't feel the horror playing those games, as it is more like playing something like Postal. It is gory, but also not very realistic. I guess what I am trying to differentiate is between just being gory/violent and being more real life, which I find to be the worst, depending on the game of course.
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May 16, 2021
I played Happy Wheels. You play as a guy in a wheelchair and try to make it to the finish line without losing your arms and legs.

I played Yakuza 0 where MC grabbed a box of nails and shoved it in a guy's face. MC also cinematically threw a guy's head in a microwave (in another game of the same series).

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0quVoZoVeoQ

I watched a youtube compilation of all the Mortal Kombat fatalities.
Can't fool me, @Colif - that star system just had a few mining stations. There were no habitable planets there!

Fair call, it was only video I could find that isn't 20 minutes long and that doesn't cover other topics
I don't think Stellaris is crazy enough yet to have a weapon that destroys the entire galaxy or I would have seen the videos of it.


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Jan 13, 2020
ArmA with Shack Tactical. I can still hear the screams, sometimes. Nothing really comes close to the amount of dooming, unpredictable violence I experienced doing that.

But other than that? Max Payne 3 was pretty violent. AC: Valhalla has an impressive amount of beheading and de-limbing. Mad Max was violent but more in a crunchy way, not really super violent. And Wolfenstein: Old Blood was just plain classic violence.
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Is there an option to turn those off?

I'm thinking of trying one of the SEs soon—I have the original. I played Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 recently, and the slomo headshot cam got old pretty quickly, plus interfered with the immersion and flow—but thankfully there's an option to turn it off.

A quick Google search suggests you can.

I really enjoyed Sniper Elite. The good parts feature some of the best stealth gameplay I've seen, but some missions are a bit of a slog to get through.
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Right off the bat the most violent series ive played would have to be mortal kombat and molded me into not finding any of the above mentioned games as the most brutal.

I know it might seem reserved now or easy to say with the movies and all but some of the xrays/fatalities in the newer ones are pretty gruesome, when i first played it you never had a game cause such a stir for being so violent, to the point where the devs had to change the games fatalities so it wouldn't be so bad. Theres being banned from a platform, then theres creating such a stir for being so violent that a whole system of judging a game is created for every game and is used for decades to come. Thats brutal.
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