Question What's the best gaming deal you've ever gotten?

Don't count free games unless there's something truly special about how you got it free. Unusual circumstances for getitng the deal are best, but any truly remarkable savings will do.

My best gaming related deal is I got 14 months of Star Wars The Old Republic for $7. One day I was in a Walmart and they had a 60-day time card for one $1. I had a clerk double check to see if that was right and it was, so of course I bought it. I also went to the 5 other Walmarts in the area to see if they had any, but they all had them listed at regular price.

Checking back every now and then I'd find another single time card on the shelf for $1 and one time even found 2 of them. All in all over about 4 or 5 weeks I managed to collect 7 of them for a buck each before they ultimately changed the price back up to normal. So that's just over $180 worth of premium game time for just $7. I often wonder if anyone else might have gotten to dip into that pool (and subsequently despise them for stealing MY game time 👻).
there are several instances i can think of:

Freedom force vs the third Reich. It was on the new releases shelf for maybe 1 or 2 weeks before it got knocked down to a fiver. Some dozy person thought they were part of the original freedom force game and slapped on the same price sticker. Snapped up a copy and disappeared out of the shop.

Castlevania portrait of ruin - if you're a handheld nintendo fan, castlevania series of games was both good and also very rare, easily commanding full price at times on ebay. So when i negotiated with the buyer to give it to me for less then a tenner, i was chuffed to bits. Especially when it was going for £24 at a time.

Resident evil DS for less then a tenner. It was a gamble, the ebayer didn't have a good rating (ie not 100%) being a new member and used stock photos but i took a punt and i scored big for a rare(ish) game.

Edit: Just another one thats just happened right now assassins creed odyessy. Epic store is doing another sale. Which includes a £10 discount. with the standard edition for 16.49 the game + voucher is just 6.49. A fantastic deal. But it gets better! Everytime i buy a new game on epic store, i get another discount voucher! So guess what i bought? the season pass! thats 6.99 for the season pass so i've bought the gold edition for 12.99. Whilst the epic store is selling the gold edition for 17.99 with the voucher. A fiver saved!

Whats that? Asscreed gold is going to drop to 12.99 or less this year? We'll see. I promised myself that i would stop buying games unless its dirt cheap. I'm not sure if this deal will come back to bite me in the ass. We'll see....
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Well, I won Divinity: Original Sin 2 on the RpgWatch forums. 201 hours of play for 0$ is really hard to beat.

The only other remarkable one was getting X:Rebirth. Some retail store sold a boxed copy for something like $5 delivered. This was just before the Teladi DLC showed up so I was able to get that for free. The game was pretty awful when it originally came out but, by the time I bought it, it was getting a lot better. Once a mod showed up to make the "small talk" mechanic go away and the Home of Light DLC showed up, the game was really fun. I ended up playing just short of 400 hours. (Though I did have to pay another $5 for the Home of Light DLC.)
Alien Isolation for £1.50 was pretty good, I recently brought the Sanctuary bundle from Fanatical for £4.35 (with an extra 5% off with a coupon)
The bundle contains:
Warhammer 40,000 sanctus Reach
Blood Fresh Supply
Redeemer: Enhanced Edition
This war of mine (final cut with the season pass)
The walking dead season 1
the walking dead 400 days
The walking dead Michonne
The walking dead season two
(so every telltale walking dead game excluding the final season)

Even though I own and have played most of these I still thought it was a decent price for the 3 I haven't played (which are the first three on the list)
May 1, 2020
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definately NOT the best deal i've ever gotten, lets face it theres damn good deals in this day and age. But i remember when i was a kid, my local blockbuster was running a competition.
If you called a number they gave you and answered a question right (question based on the game being advertised) you were in the running to win a copy of the game and a t-shirt (If memory serves me right it was a game called Chase the Express on Ps1).
A few weeks later I got a package with the game and a playstation tee. Got in trouble with my parents though, because i was on the phone for an hour or so and kid me had no idea we got charged per minute for the call.


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