What was the name of this explorer game?

Mar 23, 2024
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There was a game that you shoot zombies and other creatures. You were square head and you dont have body at all and enemies were square too. Not like pointed squares it was more like curved squares. You shoot them wave by wave. In some waves you have to deal with some bosses. One of them was black and had pointed teeth. You can buy guns at the shop on the map from a kind of cart and seller was waiting for you out of the cart and he had long black hat as far as I remember. This game was like "boxhead" which is also an explorer game. You can see your character and monsters from above, just like in moba games.
Apr 19, 2024
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Yeah, sounds like you're talking about one of the Boxhead games! Probably either Boxhead: The Zombie Wars or Boxhead: The Nightmare. Those games fit your description perfectly – shooting zombies and weird creatures, playing as a square-headed character without a body, and facing off against bosses. And remember the shop on the map where you could grab guns? Classic move. The whole vibe is like an adventure game, and you view everything from the top-down, kinda like in MOBA games.


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