What is your favorite "Game Day" Food & Beverages?

For me, nothing beats a good quadruple cheese pizza peppered with some nice onion, spinach leaves, tomato, mushroom, a different flavor of spices and a dab of hot habanero sauce. For beverages, I normally have a light beer or some sort of soda. I'm am pickier with my food, than with what I drink.
Personally its mostly snacking i try and avoid anything that leaves a mess or powder residue on my pc keyboard/mouse are all out.

If money was no object it would consist of 1 or all of them:

Corn nuts
Japanese rice crackers
Bombay mix

Washed down with cola or some fizzy pop.

Pizza wouldn't be a bad idea, just too unhealthy and expensive these days and i generally play upstairs and i detest eating dinner in my room.
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@Johnway *Looks at my keyboard* Ah, residue, forgot about that for a while, haha!. Thankfully I have the clamp thingy for my keyboard to easily remove the keys. +1 to my Hyper X Fps keyboard.

@sward Umm, that sounds very tasty! I like chicken hotdogs myself, as I try to avoid eating too much red meat. Sigh, I miss red meat!

@IndecentLouie Not tried roasted cashew nuts before, but I absolutely LOVE eating the one you get from the supermarket in shells. Salty and I particularly love the one you have to struggle a bit to open:)
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Jan 13, 2020
Well, maybe not if there's a thunderstorm.

Especially during thunderstorms. Best time to play horror games! 👻

As for me, well, all sorts of salty finger foods while at my PC gaming or not. Corn chips, pretzels, popcorn, cashews, almonds, BBQ potato chips all washed down with Pepsi or green tea.
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