What is your favorite "Game Day" Food & Beverages?

Personally its mostly snacking i try and avoid anything that leaves a mess or powder residue on my pc keyboard/mouse are all out.

If money was no object it would consist of 1 or all of them:

Corn nuts
Japanese rice crackers
Bombay mix

Washed down with cola or some fizzy pop.

Pizza wouldn't be a bad idea, just too unhealthy and expensive these days and i generally play upstairs and i detest eating dinner in my room.
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@Johnway *Looks at my keyboard* Ah, residue, forgot about that for a while, haha!. Thankfully I have the clamp thingy for my keyboard to easily remove the keys. +1 to my Hyper X Fps keyboard.

@sward Umm, that sounds very tasty! I like chicken hotdogs myself, as I try to avoid eating too much red meat. Sigh, I miss red meat!

@IndecentLouie Not tried roasted cashew nuts before, but I absolutely LOVE eating the one you get from the supermarket in shells. Salty and I particularly love the one you have to struggle a bit to open:)
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