Question What is the game you loved as a kid

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This is such a dangerous thread for me :D

I started gaming as a kid in 1992 on a 386SX. So we're talking old games, on diskette.

I loved a LOT of games back then: Wolfenstein 3D must have been my number 1.

But then you got: Ironman Off Road (and 4x4 offroad), Stunts and Stunt Driver, Gods, Commander Keen, Prince Of Persia 1-2, LHX, Dogfight, M1 Tank Platoon, Metal Mutant, Dangerous Dave, Need For Speed, Test Drive games, Street Rod, Quarantine, ROTT, C&C, Dune 2, Summer Challenge, Tornado, Doom 1-2, Duke Nukem games, Hexen, Heretic, Wing Commander 2, X-Wing, Dark Forces, Corridor 7, Monster Bash, Syndicate...

This list goes on forever... There were so many good games back then.
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Loads of games. If we're saying strictly childhood when i only had an amiga? Then it would have been Disposable hero, heroquest legacy of sorasil, rodland, cannon fodder 1 and 2, globdule, flashback, batman the movie the game by ocean and a couple other shoot-em-ups.

I would say i liked mario all stars and other mario games but i wonder about that.

Classic pc games? there was of course C&C, grim fandango, system shock 1 and 2, thief 1 and 2, half life generations, deus ex etc. But Doom 2 is EASILY the all time favorate. I still play that game even now. Every weekend i play community WADs and its a testament as to how good the game is and a dedicated community has kept it going for so long. Currently playing Mapwich2 atm.

Still waiting for the cacoawards 2020. its long overdue. EDIT: Spoke too soon. it was announced yesterday!

The earliest game I remember properly falling in love with was Pokemon Yellow on the trusty GameBoy.
I was still somewhat young when playing it but I still remember staying up really late catchin em all.
I can't play any pokemon game now, there are far too many different pokemon and I just don't enjoy them like I used to.

Also it's quite the trashy thing for Nintendo to release every game with different versions; Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Ruby, Saphire, Crystal. and so on.
I'm too old! There were no PCs (or cell phones) when I was a kid. Assuming "kid" is someone under the age of 18. The first game(s) I played was the Ultima Trilogy 4-6. But that was in the early to mid 1980's and I was in my mid to late 20's. But looking back at myself then, I was a kid, at least at heart. Probably still am.
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Well, I was in High School which is pushing "kid" but Ultima 2 was great. Horrifically expensive but I played through it multiple times and even poked around with a hex editor on a copy of the second disk to write my name in mountains on one of the planets. (That's about as far as "modding" went on an Apple ][+! )
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