Question What is the game you loved as a kid

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Apr 4, 2020
This is such a dangerous thread for me :D

I started gaming as a kid in 1992 on a 386SX. So we're talking old games, on diskette.

I loved a LOT of games back then: Wolfenstein 3D must have been my number 1.

But then you got: Ironman Off Road (and 4x4 offroad), Stunts and Stunt Driver, Gods, Commander Keen, Prince Of Persia 1-2, LHX, Dogfight, M1 Tank Platoon, Metal Mutant, Dangerous Dave, Need For Speed, Test Drive games, Street Rod, Quarantine, ROTT, C&C, Dune 2, Summer Challenge, Tornado, Doom 1-2, Duke Nukem games, Hexen, Heretic, Wing Commander 2, X-Wing, Dark Forces, Corridor 7, Monster Bash, Syndicate...

This list goes on forever... There were so many good games back then.
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Loads of games. If we're saying strictly childhood when i only had an amiga? Then it would have been Disposable hero, heroquest legacy of sorasil, rodland, cannon fodder 1 and 2, globdule, flashback, batman the movie the game by ocean and a couple other shoot-em-ups.

I would say i liked mario all stars and other mario games but i wonder about that.

Classic pc games? there was of course C&C, grim fandango, system shock 1 and 2, thief 1 and 2, half life generations, deus ex etc. But Doom 2 is EASILY the all time favorate. I still play that game even now. Every weekend i play community WADs and its a testament as to how good the game is and a dedicated community has kept it going for so long. Currently playing Mapwich2 atm.

Still waiting for the cacoawards 2020. its long overdue. EDIT: Spoke too soon. it was announced yesterday!

The earliest game I remember properly falling in love with was Pokemon Yellow on the trusty GameBoy.
I was still somewhat young when playing it but I still remember staying up really late catchin em all.
I can't play any pokemon game now, there are far too many different pokemon and I just don't enjoy them like I used to.

Also it's quite the trashy thing for Nintendo to release every game with different versions; Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Ruby, Saphire, Crystal. and so on.


Jan 17, 2020
I think the Mario Kart series was always my favourite. I got the original on the SNES and the N64 version is probably my most played game ever.
Nov 27, 2020
I'm too old! There were no PCs (or cell phones) when I was a kid. Assuming "kid" is someone under the age of 18. The first game(s) I played was the Ultima Trilogy 4-6. But that was in the early to mid 1980's and I was in my mid to late 20's. But looking back at myself then, I was a kid, at least at heart. Probably still am.
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Well, I was in High School which is pushing "kid" but Ultima 2 was great. Horrifically expensive but I played through it multiple times and even poked around with a hex editor on a copy of the second disk to write my name in mountains on one of the planets. (That's about as far as "modding" went on an Apple ][+! )
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