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Sep 1, 2020
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New to modern gaming and have ran into a lot of role play movie type figure the mystery out type games.In the past I like games like Sim city.Age of empires Nba and Mlb sports.Can someone tell a beginner on what are the different types of games so i don't ever have to spend time-solving mysteries or finding weapons and just have fun.


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Well, modern Sim City would be Cities: Skylines. Don't freak out about all the DLC for the game, though. Just buy the base game and see how well you like it. Then you can buy individual DLCs or bundles if you do.

Age of Empires style games aren't my strong point but the style shows up in some other genres. For instance, Stellaris is more of a 4X game with the same RTS style combat. Or, if you want cheaper, Sins of a Solar Empire games.
Jul 13, 2020
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Depends what you find fun?
Is it building and/or managing your city/empire? Try and Tycoon or Civ game.
Is it shooting hordes of enemies with little to now regard as to why? Give Doom or Serious Sam a try.
I really depends on what you want out of the game.
Would definitely recommend Cities Skylines. Just don't install hundreds of steam mods as it will eat up a ton of memory and make it load slowly,
isthereanydeal has it cheap at Humble Games - probably because it had Sunset Harbour DLC released recently.

Company of Heroes , although ancient, is probably one of the best RTS games you can buy. You can get really cheaply as well.