What do you think is the best and newest city building simulation game this year?

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City building? I think you should try SimCity 4, it's not a new game but I think it's one of the best city building simulation and one of my favorite. You can buy it on steam.

City Skylines also comes to mind but neither of these are new really.

EA publicly shot Sim City when it released its last version and confined you to a tiny square whereas city skylines lets you go mad.
My 1st game on a PC was Sim City 3000. Shame 4 was the peak and it went down from there. I have it on Steam already... same as Skylines.


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Nah, they aren't being indoctrinated by big game companies, they are being indoctrinated by their friends. Teens and early 20's folks talk about what games they are playing a lot more. They'll watch each other play, and get sold on what they're doing. It's a LOT easier to sell action games that way. Watching people think about their turns just isn't so exciting.
There are people who aren't influenced by what is popular or what everyone else is doing. Some of us run away from that sort of thing. So there will always be a market for games like this... and mostly single player affairs.

Also, with skylines, it really doesn't matter if you win or lose, its just about having fun. Sim city was the same originally. It was just a plot to have fun in. I sort of hate games that don't let you be free.

Luckily not all games are big dumb action games/shooters though in some years its hard to find anything else.

Tropico is a an edge case, yes, you build a city but its also a country as the entire map is just you. i feel its closer to an empire builder but its more weighed on construction than most other games like Anno that is also in a similar category but at the opposite end. Anno is more like Skylines in that you have multiple sites, but lets just ignore supply chains... i did say Anno was at the opposite end. Some games just ignore supply mostly, others concentrate on it.
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Ah, my people.

Have there been many released this year? I know Workers and Resources just came out but it was way too detailed for me. I was overwhelmed just finishing the tutorials. Dyson Sphere Program is supposed to be good?

My favorites are always Cities: Skylines, Surviving Mars, Anno 1800, and Tropico 6. For casual puzzle builders I like Islanders and Dorfromantik (that came out this year).
Dorf is more a relaxing town builder, not really cities. And only then if you get the right type of town block as some don't like big groups... I should play it again soon. I had to have a break as I was getting worse, not better. I couldn't even get close to my highest score,

I have Tropico but so far i just haven't got into it this time around.. played them before but on my last PC. I got a new PC and people expected me to play games on it, and well... I don't like being pressured into anything and resisted... maybe 1 year later i might again. maybe... on weekend if I remember :)
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