What day is it?


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After finishing CP2077 I'm playing something indie right now. The game is called Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones. Started it a few hours ago, so I'm not that far yet, but I like the gloomy mood. :) A nice refreshment from punkish CP2077. There's some nice artistic style there. I predict that the game will have a very high difficulty level, but as of now everything goes smoothly.

As for Ghost of Tsushima, unfortunately I don't own a console. I'd love to see this game on PC, but I fear it might stay an exclusive for PlayStation. Sony has some nice exclusives in their portfolio...
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I've been playing shadowlands, just got one character to 60 and I've almost got a second there, too. Working on getting the Sinrunner Blanchy mount right now, because cool mounts are what I care about the most, despite playing a druid.

A buddy of mine also just got a VR headset so I've been doing a lot of multiplayer games with him and another VR friend. So far I think our favorite is Star Trek: Bridge Crew. But Zero Caliber is a close second.
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Picked up Outer Worlds on the Steam Winter Sale this year, so I've been playing that. The 1st 10 hrs or so in the opening area of Edgewater were a bit disappointing, felt like it should have been open world, but the map was really a small area. Conversations and choices weren't that varied, and my one companion felt a bit lacking in personality. Combat was okay, not terrible, not good, and the companion AI and control terrible.

But game play is looking up a bit as I got my ship and started traveling. Companions are showing a bit more personality and input into conversations, areas are more interesting, and the over all story seems to be coming together enough to be interesting.

I don't think I'll ever consider it a great game, but after a slow start, it's pretty good.
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I've been playing the Dishonored series lately and that has been enjoyable. Not a whole lot of stealth/assassin games out there so it has been interesting. The gameplay is excellent and the abilities feel very satisfying to use. Overall, I think the story is decent but it isn't particularly gripping. They do a nice job of making you care about what you're doing though, which is important. But in terms of dialogue, characters, and narrative it is pretty average for me. Nonetheless, the game really shines due to the gameplay and I don't think the story detracts from the experience at all.

I'm almost done with Dishonored 2 and I'm not sure what I'll be moving on to after that. I've never played any of the Dragon Age games so I am considering playing them all starting with Origins.
I had planned to get some newer single player games done over the small amount of time I had booked off around Christmas. I ended up just playing Red Orchestra 2 like it is still 2011. It still holds up. Great game.
You should I personally enjoyed them all.

Origins is an epic quest style journey.. you save the world. It's basically like watching an epic film like lord of the rings.

Da2, while some things bug me like the waves of combat, the NPC interaction is one of the best of any RPG i've ever played. It also has 2 great DLC's, one is the lead up to DA:I the other has felicity day as the lead and it's pretty fantastic. Sure some areas are reused but no worse than Mass effect 1, It also is the only one that takes place over 10 years which really adds something to the game. Most RPG's don't put use time like this one did and it was pretty effective. takes place in one city and has a pretty interesting story.

DA:I, It is rather unique as it also has a bit of sandbox to it, but if you sorta pick and choose what you wanna do, aka not trying to do everything and sorta follow the main story the game moves along and is really well done. If you try to do everything in one play it can really drag. That said the NPC's are great so a replay trying different classes, using one of 4 voices, 2 male and 2 female, and different party make ups can really make this game shine. for instance a Varrick, Cassandra, Dorian and you a two handed with male, Or a elf bow female with solas, blackwell and iron bull, Or a Fighter with Vivvian, Sera and cole.. Though you could also add swap cole for sera, her banter with vivian and blackwell is great

Another save the world kinda thing but it's really cool seeing all the areas of thedas.

My point, Give um a run, they all have there upsides and flaws but all are very solid games.
Do it. The DA series is one of the best, especially Origins. DAO has some of the best companion interaction you'll find in a party-based RPG.

I started DA: Origins yesterday and played for 6 hours! The characters are fantastic and I love the the interactions between them. The party is really the highlight so far, but the story is very strong as well.


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:ROFLMAO: Seriously folks does anyone know what day it is?
Wow, and this before New Years Eve drinking?

I'm going through The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel right now. The graphics are reallllly old and they seem to have used the school as an excuse to give you completely unconnected quests (OK class, today we will do a fetch quest, an optional fetch quest, and kill one (1) boss...). The battle system has been good enough to keep me interested, though.
Happy New Year! Still enjoying Cyberpunk 2077. Right now I have been running around testing out the different vehicles you can buy. For the most part, they drive like ****, but the interior/exterior looks soooo badass! I gave myself some free games for Christmas all thanks to Epic Games (looking forward to playing that Dinosaur Theme Park thingy) and I played Alien Isolation with my nephews, which I have to say was much scarier than playing it alone.