What Anti-Virus Anti-Malware do you use/recommend?

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Apr 26, 2021
I personally use Malwarebytes premium, but i do have the distinct advantage that i subscribed when the software was a lot cheaper per year and they honour whatever one agreed to in the past indefinitely. So i still pay "just" 23 Euro per year for 3 devices.

Reason i chose MBAM back then, was because at the time it was (and still is) a no-frills security program that focuses on doing one job very well, keeping malware out. Unlike most competitors that threw in Firewalls, Password managers, obnoxious UI design, voice-lines, cloud stuff and system optimizers to try and justify their use over windows defender.

MBAM just sits there in the corner, content with just 100mb of memory in use and silently keeping things safe. Can even be configured to only notify on a threat being detected so i won't even disrupt games unless it is urgent.
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I looked at the author, never heard of him, so he's one of thousands sharing such content on the web.

If it was about text editors or databases or many other topics, I wouldn't knock it—I wouldn't read it of course, as I know where to find tried and trusted content on most software.

Is there something else i need to consider which wasn't indicated in the article?
Yes, author reliability. For crucial info like security, safety, hardware reliability, OS—I wouldn't dream of considering a new unproven author.
Aug 3, 2022
I use Norton AV because i get licenses from work so no need to pay for them.
I willnever ever in my life install Kaspersky again, huge problems trying to cancle the sub and with the current russian situation.. hell no! I wouldn't trust that thing to not be used by FSB even if i wanted to send money to a russian company atm. Last time i used it was probably aroudn 2010 or so.
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