Weekend question: Who is your favorite videogame detective?

PCG Jody

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Dec 9, 2019
I ask the PCG staff a regular Weekend Question and post the answers on the site. This week the question is: Who is your favorite videogame detective? If you'd like to throw in an answer here, I'll squeeze the best into the finished article!

They don't have to be an actual private eye or literal cop if there's some other character you prefer, so long as they solve crimes and unravel mysteries I'm happy to call them all detectives!
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Nov 25, 2019
Whatever gamer finally managed to catch Carmen Sandiego! The founder of the Villainous International League of Evil has been evading us for decades. Luckily gamers worldwide have been working as detectives for ACME to find and catch the master thief, but with a slew of punnilly named henchmen, clever wordplay and a dashing red getup, Carmen has managed to leave us completely entertained but normally, without our final catch. Whomever finds her will be the greatest detective of them all. Which leads me to wonder, where in the world is she right now?
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Jan 22, 2020
Can I only pick one?

Jan 17, 2020
Has to be Harry - Disco Elyseum. Truly original creation. Deeply flawed in the great detective tradition. His conversations with his own horrific necktie are genius.
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Jan 16, 2020
So many good answers in this thread already!

I'll submit Nick Valentine from Fallout 4. The old, busted-up synth private eye from Diamond City is a head-to-toe evocation of the classic noire detective, and Stephen Russell's voice work is stellar.
I was pondering how to answer this question as I'm not really into detective games until I read your post. Yes! Nick Valentine was totally cool and my favorite character in the game. If memory serves, I had him as a companion throughout most of the game.

Jack Walters from Call of Cthulhu dark corners of the earth...truly a gem!
I started this game several times and couldn't seem to get into it. I found this disappointing as I'm an avid Lovecraft fan. Maybe I'll give it another go.

Not really much into detective games. The fact that I never finished the Arkham Batman games attests to that. I should probably give them another try since being the Batman, otherwise, is awesome. I think my FemShep trying to track down Leviathan in Mass Effect 3 was sort of detective-ish . Does that qualify?

I can't say it is detective game but its sort of detective game max payne could be one for me but best and real one is Sherlock Holmes : crimes & punishment 😂
I played all 3 Max Payne games and loved them. However, I don't remember him doing much detecting. Just popping pills and drinking...which is cool, I guess

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My favorite detective is Raymond Maarloeve from The Witcher 1. A very interesting person which helps Geralt in the investigation of the Salamandra case. The quest chain that involves Maarloeve is one of the best in the whole Witcher series. It also brings a big surprise in the end. I won't spoil it here, you have to see this by yourself!