Weekend Question: What's an old game you've come back to years later?

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Dec 9, 2019
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I ask the PCG staff a regular Weekend Question and post the answers on the site. If you'd like to throw in an answer here, I'll squeeze the best into the finished article!

This week the question is: What's an old game you've come back to years later?

Left 4 Dead 2 has just added a new campaign. RuneScape is coming to Steam. Old games refuse to die. What's one that you've returned to, perhaps because of an update, and how did it compare to your memories?
What is "old"? It's kind of weird, but I guess due to the constant advance of technology I tend to consider games just a few years old to be "old", but I have different standards for music, movies, etc. But Half Life 2 is my answer. My son and I just played it recently using the co-op mod. We had a great time even though it was pretty much a cakewalk with two players. Every now and then I'll go medieval and play something from Atari Vault.
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There are certain games that seem to draw me back every few years, Daggerfall and Darklands being two good examples that are also pretty aged by now.

I also used to have a tradition of playing Flashback on Sega megadrive to completion about once a year, its been a while now so maybe I'm due. Then again, I've also been tempted to make a quartet of Swedish mercenaries in Darklands named after the members of ABBA. Might make a decent Let's Play.
Oh my...this is an easy one. Since I'm such a nostalgic person I visit the oldies from time to time. I'm talking 1992 oldies and last year-oldies. I can give you a list, but that would just overwhelm you. We're talking Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Descent, X-Wing,... Yeah, I still play them today and most of them are enjoyable, but it's not like in the old days where you could play them for hours after hours. Most of the time it's just a quick visit. Like a lot of people, time is short and gamingtime is precious. There is something about these times what makes playing these old games, most of them have a 'slow' paste, hard. Now it's got to be fast with virtual no learning curve. But still, they were gems back in those days, and some of them hold magic, even in 2020.
I would have to say Morrowind. Not because it is the lastest old game I have been playing, but because it is the one I have played several times over the last two decades. The world is such a great place for exploring and I always look forward to that first trip from Seyda Neen and up to Balmorra, preferably only with a small torch and with darkness surrounding every corner.

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There's couple of classic (or should I say, Classics?) titles that I come back every year or so. One year it may be Baldur's Gate, other Fallout, sometimes even Icewind Dale. Games I spent unholy amounts of hours with, that shaped my taste in gaming and are absolutely great even to this day without looking at them through nostalgia tainted glasses.
Borderlands 2. I think I last played in 2014.

Got the DLCs a while ago but never got around to them.

After a Borderlands 3 free weekend I decided 2 things: 1) Borderlands 3 ruins itself through excessive visual effects on the screen making it impossible to enjoyably play the game 2) Borderlands 2 was a lot more playable and it was time to get stuck in again.

So - a fresh coop campaign, this time with the DLCs, played in order. Assault on Dragon Keep, as it turns out, is awesome. Currently on the Commander Lilith DLC.
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Certainly not an old game in any sense but maybe once a year I dust off the original XBOX and playthrough Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath.
The Oddworld is such a wonderful idea to be a part of and although I've finished Abe's Oddysee more times than I can count, Stranger's Wrath seems to be more enjoyable with every revisit.
It's such a weird world, an odd world some might say.
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Fallout 2 - Honestly there is no game comparable as well made as this classic masterpiece. I would love to see it remade in all its glory.

This is a game about near-absolute freedom, where you can truly be evil or truly be a bastion of justice. Will you become a Slaver and become hated by society, or a destroyer of cities or will you become a hero to not only humans but those that are not like you? Or instead, will you take a path on the path of Lust and become a member of Sin City.

To be perfectly honest New Reno was 100,000,000 times better than the Weak Sauce that was New Vegas. It actually felt like a mobsters paradise. New Vegas felt more like a Delapitated town run by a billionaire. New Reno on the other hand felt like a true city of sin.
For me will be command and conquer red alert saga the first ones, nothing like a good old rts.
I'm slowly getting thru the Remaster atm, and played some Generals Zero Hour last year. I certainly intend to replay the rest at some time … intentions, huh.

I replay Crysis & its Warhead expansion every year, up to halfway. I will be replaying all the Far Crys from 3 on for quite a while—including offshoots like Primal & New Dawn, and Valley of the Yetis, the only DLC I liked.

Civ4 & 5 still get played every year or two.

Main casual games I reply are the Royal Envoy and Northern Tales series.
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The really old games I've played time and time again are System Shock 2 and X-Com: UFO Defense. Something about the cat & mouse with SHODAN brings me back every time and X-Com has a rugged charm that keeps me entertained despite its technical limitations.
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