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Jan 14, 2020
Heyooo community,

After getting some solo wins, I thought I'd share some tips that might be of help getting that sweet solo win. My focus is mostly playing as a semi-defensive player.

  • If you are not an aggressive player I would recommend going for ghost perk. Staying off the sensor and not noticeable by the UAV (some say Advanced UAV will see you if you are moving as ghost, but I have not seen any proof on this) Keep in mind, you can get both overkill (equipping two weapons) and ghost if you get two loadouts in a solo round. Most likely you will get a personal loadout and if you are a little bold, you should also get a random loadout drop.
  • Don't use too much energy on getting the same weapon as your favorite pro-YouTuber/twitch streamer is getting. Since you are most likely not going to invest thousands of hours in your life to be a pro player, you would be better off finding a weapon that YOU like and feel comfortable using. Look up tips on setting up that weapon and see what fits you the best.
  • If you want an aggressive playstyle, I would recommend going for an AR/SMG combo. If you want to go defensive, I would recommend going for something like AR/pistol. This is IF you do not focus on getting that second loadout.
  • Whether you have good skin or not, try to use a character that suits the locations you most often drop. Don't go green camo in urban cities for obvious reasons.
  • Get a heartbeat sensor. In solo people camp ALL the bloody time and without it, you will be at disadvantage.
The drop/start
  • Aggressive people go to popular landmarks and if you want to avoid combat, you drop somewhere else. If you really want to be defensive, drop as late as possible or drop early get to a helicopter (when they implement it again) and go faaaaar away from the line of the plane.
  • If you are quick to land, I would recommend doing a supply run first. One of the reasons being that people have not started camping the buyout stations and when you finish your supply run you will get a free survival kit. This is essential for your survival in solo and should be your first buy. If you want to chill a little, you could drop far away and go for a scavenge run. Easy way to get money and guns fast. The faster you can get money, the faster you get your loadout drop and a winning chance. Do not skimp out on the looting. Loot, loot, loot, and loot! If you are very lucky, you get a red key card to a bunker, and then you are pretty much set for life.
  • Look around you when you drop and know where the other people are dropping. Don't just randomly drop somewhere and go "ohhhh, how did he see me??"
The middle
  • By this time you should have gotten your loadout drop and set up. The circle is getting smaller and you should start thinking more about your surroundings: Where you are, where you should go and where other players are going. The whole middle game to end game is based on how well you rotate in and out of the different circles. You find yourself in an open area, you better quickly get cover. You find yourself on high ground, good good, but keep in mind you might be silhouetting. Always rotate so that you do not have people in your back. You HAVE to be aware of any good spots the other players might squeeze in, gas mask or not. The most times I have died has been to not paying attention to other players moving into the next circle.
  • If you see a person in front of you or maybe behind you, think a little before you start shooting. What type of weapon do you have, does the person have a reasonable cover, and will you be able to kill him or reach him if he has a survival kit? I have been in sooo many situations myself where I have spotted a person and started shooting, only to not kill him and having said person killing me later on in the game. My point is: You better have a good reason for the shooting and if not, do NOT forget who the hell you just shot at.
  • If you see two people engage in shooting, keep in mind that you do not have to join. Try the little book of calm and let them have a firefight. Most of the time, if there is someone shooting, someone else will see and hear it.
The end
  • Congratulations, you made it to the top ten.
  • Now, the rotation is still important, but now you really have to calm things down. Do NOT start shooting if you are not an aggressive player or have a silencer and a perfect kill. You want to go slow, look around, take a deep breath and caaaaaaaaalm things down.
  • You might want to camp in that sweet spot in the cabin, but that would be a terrible strategy. Nerves are getting to you, as it does to me ALL the time, but you have to keep moving your legs! If you do not move, you are for the majority of the time: dead.
  • Let the other people shoot each other, pay attention to the red dots on the minimap (which you should have set as a square and not a circle in the settings), and if you do get spotted and shot at, do notice the red mark on the compass that gives you the location of the person shooting.
  • 99% of the players are camping, which makes it important to keep an eye out for any type of soft or hardcover where they might be hiding: Under a log, in a bush, on a roof, you name it.
  • The majority of the time I have lost in a top 3/2 situation has been because of moving too quickly out, not keeping calm, and shooting first. Very important to remember that if you have a gas mask (which you definitely should have at the end) you can use the gas for gathering intel and sneaking up on your enemy. You find him first and then you decide if you should shoot or just find a better position so you can be sure you can kill him. Don't go blindly into the dark!
That is about what I can remember right now. Hopefully, you can snag a tip or two from this novel and my hope is that it could get you that sweet, sweeeeeeeeeeeeet win!!:)

Take care and Goodspeed!
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