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Hello everyone,
Hoping that I have posted this in the right section.
I have recently joined an F1 2020 racing league (PC) on discord. They stream the races live with two commentators who stream and commentate on the race as events unfold (also record it so can watch it after). I want to get involved in this, certainly not as a pro but give it a go so how do I go about that? I do not want to become a pro streamer or anything, just a hobby to go alongside my racing.
So far I have set up a twitch account, enabled 2FA and created an OBS account, linked to my twitch account. I have read a couple of articles.
Questions in my mind and hoping that people can speak from experience
1) How do I stream and record from F1 PC to twitch?
2) Will a headset (with microphone) suffice to start off with (instead of buying a microphone, preferred option I know)
3) What other software might I need?


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I just know the basics as I only streamed few times for friends.

1. Prepare scene and make sure you have the sources setup. At the most basic level, this would mean OBS capturing only game window
2. Will suffice, as long as your headset is decent and microphone doesn't do any unnecessary buzzing etc. Best to test it on audio preview in your audio card options or try recording your voice via Audacity for example (https://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/) and "see" how it is
3. Other than the game and OBS, nothing else. For all basic stuff OBS have all the tools integrated. If you want to add more scenes or pieces like follower announcements flying on the screen, you will need to add more and more "blocks" to your construction.
Yes, start off by downloading OBS (OBS Streamlabs). They have good built in tutorials on how to start streaming from your pc.

Also look into facebook gaming, i dont have personal experience, but if you have a group of friends on there to reach, you can try that platform as well.

A headset mic would be ok as it works but if you are looking for a clear crisp loud voice, id go for something like a Yeti mic which is a standalone mic from headsets, but you don't need to spend money to talk, a headset works fine especially if you are just dabbling in streaming for now.

As long as your pc has good enough specs to run a stream you dont need much else outside of OBS, which is mainly the hub of streaming on PC.

And engage your audience! ;)
Thanks for this DXCHASE, really appreciate it (and other contributors too!)
Yeah I see the OBS stuff and I guess I need to dabble out of that; it's just that we have some pretty decent streamers in our channel and I don't know how to start. I almost need to see someone do it themselves from start tofinish lol, although there are some decent youtubers showing you as a complete novice what to do.
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