Sep 19, 2020
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Alright ladies and gents. I am looking to upgrade my computer but will use whatever parts I can still use. I want to be able to play games like Warzone and Rocket League flawlessly. That being said here is what I have and I am looking for ideas. Or do I just buy a whole new rig. Budget around 700.

Probably going to buy:
A new mother board
DDR4 Ram
New CPU i5

What I have:
Motherboard - Gigabyte Technology Model z77-DS3H
IntelCore I5 3470 @3.20 GHz- Code Name Ivy Bridge - Max TDP 77.0W
Memory - DDR3 16 GBytes (4GB each)
Graphics - Radeon RX480
Cool Master Hyper 212 Black edition RGB
WD Green 500gb Sata drive
Power - Corsair CX750M


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