Transferable hardware from a chassis to an other for aorus 7 SB ?

Jan 30, 2023
Hi Guys, i got an issue here :

The left fixation (witch link the screen to the rest) broke up. I'd like to buy an other chassis but i can't find the original one (neither for just the top cover nor the whole laptop), neither on alliexpress nor ebay nor anything.

I was then wandering if it could be possible to put my hardware in an other laptop chassis, different from the "original" one. I was thinking about an MSI (like GL 73) but i don't know if this is technicly possible, regarding to the screws locations

My laptop is an AORUS-7-SB- 7FR1130SH bought in 2020, i already contact the client service to know how it's possible to don't find the original chassis nowhere.

If you have any advice i'll take it.

I just start my studies and i think i'll quickly be tired to lease every day the library's laptop

Thanks a lot.
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