Titan Quest 2

TIL this is coming soon

hope it uses same dual class system as original.

Only found out about it watching video and one guy on video is involved in making it...

base game came out then but they released 4 expansions
Immortal Throne - 2006
Ragnarok - 2017
Atlantis - 2019
Eternal Embers - 2021

So its not like its been dormant all that time.

Ah, fair, but the time between Immortal Throne and Ragnarok itself might land it in the top 10 of time between expansions. Though a quick Google search indicates that it would have to be restricted to only video games, because if you start counting board games there are quite a few with one or more decades between either base game and the first expansion or between two expansions.
The 11 year time gap is explained by fact the company that made the first game went bankrupt and the assets were purchased by Nordic Games who inturn changed name to THQ Nordic in 2016 and have published all the expansions since then.

After years of financial struggles, stock value drop, and debt, THQ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December 2012 and commenced liquidation of its assets the following month. Several properties were auctioned to other companies, while the remaining staff were laid off. The "THQ" trademark was eventually acquired by developer Nordic Games (which had also acquired some of THQ's auctioned-off properties) in 2014 and assumed the name "THQ Nordic" in 2016, while continuing a variety of their franchises under said name.

I recognise some of these games
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May 13, 2024
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Exciting news! I'm in if/when it releases.

Still have my copies of the first game & expansion. I wonder if these will install/play lol (and yes, I still keep an optical/BD drive installed). I might have to go to Steam soon and grab the series as I never got around to playing anything after Immortal Throne. Damn, lots of memories replaying these over the ensuing summers for several years after they released, while waiting for Fall new game releases, back when we didn't get a new game every what, 10 minutes or so.

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I remember first time I played it I didn't like how areas don't respawn after you been through them. I don't recall how far I got.
Second time I played (last year) I got slightly further but its age is starting to show.
It was what inspired Grim Dawn to have the two class thing...

In Titan Quest 2, you are in control of you own fate. Customize your hero, then form your own class by combining two masteries. Build your character around the strengths and weakness of both masteries, exploring different combinations of skill modifiers, attributes, and items to create your own hybrid class and find your favorite playstyle. Grow your powers from those of a young mortal to a hero to rival the gods themselves!
It sounds like its just expanding on ideas of first game. No idea how many classes yet. The combos are what make game interesting.

No real idea of when its due out. Its on pre order in lots of shops for the console versions but no dates yet.
coincidence. I noticed the same company that owns Titan Quest now also owns the rights to Sacred 2 Gold on steam. They bought the rights to the franchise in 2020.

Tries not to think about it.

Can they please erase memory of Sacred 3?


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