Tiny Houses in The Sims

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Nov 24, 2019
Long-time dabbler and only sometimes motherlode-cheat using Sims player here. While the sprawling mansions and spectacular furnishings of a vast estate do make for flexing on other Sims an enjoyable and entertaining experience, it'd be great to get a solid look at efficiency builds. With the advent of Sims Tiny Living, there's now a great opportunity to get all the stuff you need your Sim to do within a seemingly impossibly small structure.

In keeping with the eco-friendly theme and lowering the carbon footprint of our Sims, what are your best tiny house builds? Have you found it easier to do day-to-day without the massive house? I'm gonna work up a Dystopian-style cargo container home bedecked with Ikea-esque flatpack mini-furniture up to the brim to the point that you can smell the particle board from the mailbox. Share your best tiny house from The Sims and/or your tiny-living tactics for maxing out a micro space!

PCG Chris

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Dec 9, 2019
Well, I shared tiny (yet tall!) house on the site today and it was both extremely tiny and incredibly poorly built. I still can't figure out stairs. And my Sim has to eat dinner sitting on his bed and watch TV while poopin'.


But it was fun to build with some restraints and restrictions instead of just using a money cheat and buying the biggest house I could find. I think I'll have another go but try to make something someone would actually enjoy living in.

Lauren Morton

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I've been really into The Sims since all the hubub about tiny houses. Even been showing my face in a few (yes, multiple) Sims building subreddits. In one of them someone posted a real tiny house as a prompt and I took a crack at it.

I am utter garbage at coming up with house ideas from scratch but I have to give myself credit for building to spec pretty well. I actually built this before I spent the cash on the Tiny Living pack but it does technically qualify. I was proud of how close it came out to the prompt. AND it's functional!


Lauren Morton

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Wow, that looks amazing! Makes me want to burn my tiny tower to the ground and start over!

We'll trade then! I wish I could make anything from scratch instead of just tracing from real life examples. After seeing your tower of madness I want to try experimenting with some weird builds that push Sims to their AI limits. Can't believe they just decided talking to one another through a window was totally cool. Laughed out loud at that gif.
Jan 14, 2020
Okay, real talk. I own the base game but have never played it. This expansion pack looks amazing and I think I would thoroughly enjoy building within spec and having to actually think about the layout of my homes because space is so limited. Question is: would this pack be worth it if I don't own any of the game's other DLC packs? Is the base game + Tiny Living enough to enjoy the game?

Lauren Morton

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Question is: would this pack be worth it if I don't own any of the game's other DLC packs? Is the base game + Tiny Living enough to enjoy the game?

Definitely! (Especially when you already own the game) Even if you want to build tiny houses you don't necessarily need the tiny living pack. The house I posted I made before I bought any of the packs. Though I got sucked into buying several of them immediately after because I wanted to build a jungle house and a house in the snow and so on. You can do some pretty clever things with mostly just the base game.

Fair warning! The Tiny Living Stuff Pack isn't a full expansion. It's the smallest tier of packs that EA does for Sims 4 (which also means it's cheapest). It comes with new items and some new clothes for Sims and such but doesn't add a new neighborhood or major game systems. There's some fun new buy mode objects and the ability to designate a lot as "tiny living" but that's the majority of it. Seasons and Pets and such are much bigger, actual expansions.
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Lauren Morton

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Today I built a tiny evil lair underground! I normally just build the houses and never make any Sims to play in them with so my young evil genius was an adventure for me XD It's also made with pretty much all base game stuff and very little actual Tiny Living things. I like the challenge of space more than the actual Murphy beds!

View: https://www.reddit.com/r/thesims/comments/exrvyz/i_made_a_tiny_evil_lair_hidden_under_an_old/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
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