Announcement The PC Gaming Show returns this Saturday - June 13


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Nov 25, 2019
The PC Gaming Show will return this Saturday, June 13 at 11 AM Pacific, with the biggest lineup in its six-year history. More than two dozen participants will take part in reveals, trailers, and interviews that will include a chat with Rocketwerkz founder Dean Hall about what's coming next from the studio, a first look at Surgeon Simulator 2, a Torchlight 3 surprise, and (this is one I'm personally looking forward to) a brand-new trailer from Dusk and Amid Evil publisher New Blood Interactive.

More than 50 games will appear in this year's show, from developers including:
  • 2K Games (Mafia: Definitive Edition)
  • All in! Games
  • Amazon Games (New World)
  • Atlus
  • Battlestate Games (Escape From Tarkov)
  • Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator 2)
  • Brace Yourself Games
  • Coffee Stain Studios
  • Dontnod
  • Funcom
  • FJRD
  • Frontier Developments
  • Glumberland (Ooblets)
  • Humble Games
  • Nacon
  • New Blood Interactive
  • Merge Games
  • Modus Games
  • Mythical
  • Perfect World (Torchlight 3, Remnant: From the Ashes)
  • The Wandering Band
  • Rebellion
  • Red Sails Team
  • Rocketwerkz
  • Rockfish Games (Everspace 2)
  • Sega
  • Tripwire Interactive
  • WolfEye Studios (Weird West)
  • Xseed Games
  • Yaza Games
While past PC Gaming Shows have been broadcast live, this year's event will be pre-recorded, with hosts Sean "Day9" Plott and Frankie Ward taking to the air from a custom studio we built in LA. But they won't be broadcasting alone: The show will also feature gaming celebrity cameos and a mystery co-host.

You can also catch the show on our official PC Gamer Twitch channel, so be sure to subscribe!
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I didn't watch live. I liked the bits at the start for guessing the game as well as the music. (I still think it needed to be about 6 hours long. ;))

Robot thing: I liked the little bit at the start. After that, not so much. Very not so much, actually.

Skipped along a bit for All In and Amazon then... PERSONA 4!!! OMG!! TODAY!!! I completely geeked out, stopped watching the video, and started looking up how well the game was doing.