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Dec 9, 2019
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Hey there!

I'm James. Maybe you've read my stuff or seen a few of my videos around here.

If you don't know me, get to know me by listening to The PC Gamer Show, our weekly podcast. We tend to have a couple segments a show, usually focusing on impressions of new games, interesting mods, indie games you might've missed—whatever we think we have something interesting to say about. It's a show made with our readers in mind. Longtime listeners might remember the Q&A section of the show during our live stint on Twitch. It's been absent for a moment, but I'd like to bring it back and with an eye to highlighting questions from our ballooning forum community.

So reply below with any questions you have about PC gaming, be it new games, old games, trends, predictions, hardware—whatever's rolling around up top, throw it our way and we'll talk about it on the show. The Q&A segment is coming back.

As a primer, we'll have Morgan Park on to talk about his time with Hyper Scape this week, Ubisoft's new BR shooter.

If you're new to The PC Gamer Show, subscribe and listen at any of the links below.

I'm super happy we're getting the listeners involved once again.
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I know it's out of season, but as a horror game enthusiast I'd like to know what the scariest moments you've experienced in a game are. Even if it's not truly a horror game, there are plenty of things that can make you jump out of your seat when catching you off-guard. What's gotten your heart rate up?
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