Competition The Lenovo Legends Tournament is offering YOU a chance to prove you're better than an Apex Legends pro

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Jan 3, 2020
Do you think you’ve got better tactics than an Apex Legends pro player?
Here is your chance to compete in a gritty showdown with others to show your strength!

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Lenovo Legion and Intel® are working with PC Gamer to bring you the Lenovo Legends Tournament during Intel® Gamer Days. This event will feature incredible prizes, including Lenovo H500 Pro gaming headsets for all qualifiers and Lenovo Legion laptops for semi-finalists and finalists, and there will be a 2-on-2 showdown for finalists to let them see if they're more legendary than a pro player from TSM. Yep, you heard that right.

Participating on any level can’t hurt, as the first 500 sign-ups will receive neat masks and, of course, semi-finalists and finalists and their teammates will also receive awesome prizes from Lenovo, including Lenovo Legion 5i and Legion 7i gaming laptops.

Interested in a shot at competing in the Lenovo Legends Tournament? Head over to the post at the link below for all the details and to get yourself and a partner entered!
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Please note: Comments here do not count as entries. Please click the link above for all the details and to enter the competition.
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