Tera by En Masse Entertainment

Aug 4, 2020
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As a new member I submit this thread about the game Tera. I have been playing the game for about a year and during this time I have seen a number of technical problems in the game. The game features a dungeon system that uses a standard instance matching system. This system is often down and is really buggy; however, when I have reached out to support personnel they have done nothing to fix these ongoing problems. The game management went so far as to spam repeated apologies about problems thanking players for their patients. Month after month they roll out new sales campaigns while tech support is non existent. The only thing they proactively do is to solicit a response rating on the job the support team is doing. The situation is now getting worse as more and more game functions stop working creating more player frustration. For a business model trying to sell online items to players in my opinion is an exercise in futility and the the player base is shrinking. If not for players with multiple accounts and characters new player involvement would be non existent.
Tera when working is a fun game and the community is hanging in there despite the problems and lack of concern shown by staff and management. Maybe its just time for a change. Sad.