System for fighting giants?

Nov 21, 2020
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Does any know of/recommend any RPG system, as a whole, or has a sub-system that is robust on making fights against giants (or overly large-sized monsters) more than just simply cutting down a hitpoints monument? Something that handles attacking specifically large body parts (and its effects), taking evasive actions to prevent large sweeping attacks (or getting crushed underfoot), and movement to different body areas?
Something that sounds like it was inspired by Attack on Titan or Shadow of the Colossus would be the ideal I would be looking for, but willing to look at something a little broader or has a different approach. I'm not looking for suggestions on rules-hacking to perform the same.
I'm currently replaying Dragon Age Inquisition, and the large creature fights (Dragons as well as actual Giants), allow you and your party to attack specific body parts, which actually becomes part of the strategy in large creature fights.