Switching from console

That will definitely run those games, personally I would upgrade the hard drive... but that's just me. Keyboard and mouse comes down to personal preference. I went from using big keyboards and heavy mice like Logitech or corsair, to more simplistic like the ducky and a HK mouse. Once again though it comes down to personal preference.
mouse and keyboard suggestions
Best advice is visit whoever you know with a PC and ask to use their mouse & KB for a few minutes—failing that, visit stores where they're on display and mess around there.

Meanwhile, my advice for your first time is get ones for $10 each—they'll work as spares going forward once you figure out what you want.

Mouse especially is personal choice—eg do you know yet which grip you use? Check this PCG article:
How do you hold your mouse?

It took me ages before I found the KB & mouse which made me go 'Yes, this is the one!' Like with headsets, many hundreds spent before finding my 'perfects' which were only in the $50-100 range.
I would upgrade the hard drive
I agree, unless you're okay with uninstalling and reinstalling games on a frequent basis. Games aren't going to get smaller, that's for sure.


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