Streaming PS4 over discord?

Jan 13, 2020
With this whole covid thing going on, me and and my friends have started hanging out in discord a lot. Sometimes one of us will even stream a game while we hang out in voice chat. I'd like to do some streaming too, but sitting at a computer desk with a mouse and keyboard for any length of time has been really bothering a shoulder injury so I've been gaming exclusively from the couch with my PS4 for now. I know there's the option of streaming the PS4 directly to my PC and I have played with it a bit. There's two problems though. One is that I can't get it to work unless the control is physically connected to to the controller. With the computer being around 12 feet from the couch, that doesn't work.

Second problem is that I'd also like to watch movies with my friends, but the PS4 streaming program blocks you from streaming movies. (btw, I'm talking 3 to 4 friends, not a pirate stream for thousands). I know you can stream things like amazon prime, hulu, and netflix over discord, but not every movie I want to watch with my friends is available on a streaming service.

Now I'm sure this will require a hardware solution, but I'm not sure what to look for since I haven't had anything like that since my old ATI All-In-Wonder. I've been doing some looking at some video capture cards that say they're for streaming, but I'm not sure which to pull the trigger on. While streaming in 1080 is fine, I don't want my own view to suffer because of it. Some cards like the AVerMedia Live Gamer specifically mention that I can still play in 4k while streaming at 1080, but other's don't even bring it up. Is that the norm, or can I expect some cards to reduce my local resolution?