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Jun 9, 2020
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What's the best story you can't get over?

For me, Ezio-Desmond in Assassins creed. It is just a masterpiece. First, the idea of the game itself, The idea of creating a game, not just of the past, but of inclusion in the present. That way, you create two storylines in one game. In Ezio's story: There is everything, drama, laughter, mystery, adventure, action, etc. I love the power you get in the story, how along the way you learn martial arts, buy yourself a name, make friends, collect weapons, and conquer territory.

And that's just the beginning!

After Ezio, getting what he wants, he discovers that he has a deep mystical connection to what he has found. So much so that he reaches the direction of his previous incarnation and finds his body in a secret room! Don't want to go any further, I guess most of you know the story, We'll see if you bring a better story than that.
Fun discussion!
i think the debate can be broken down into 2 categories Story for the heart or a story for the mind both elicit feelings in different ways.

I've probably got loads of memorable stories but the fact that none bubble to the surface atm contradicts myself. So i'm going to discuss a series which recently did get tug at my heart strings: The professor layton series.

The story isn't exactly complex but its full of fun characters and emotions. but surprisingly tales of empathy and loss as there is always an undercurrent of sadness for each story. its not that they are even complex and myabe filled with plot holes, but its done in such a way that it resonates with me. The 2 that stand out currently was the lost future and the last Spectre, but that will change once i play the otherones. I might go into more details but its very spoiler heavy to explain what happens and why it resonates.
I also love the Assassin's Creed games for their stories, both the historical and the modern part. But it doesn't come close to how large of an impression the Mass Effect serie had on me, even with a disappointing ending.

Another game with a good story that isn't a RPG is Starcraft. I still haven't gotten around to playing Legacy of the Void, but I'm looking forward to when I finally have the time to do so.
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After a think about it 2 games did stand out for me when it came to story.

Bioshock. I loved the premise tbh, an underwater utopia goes to hell and discussed various interesting themes. The locations were pretty good and had some decent characters and plot ideas. Ironically the weakest part for me when it comes to the bioshock series is the combat it feels scrappy rather then fluid or fun. In most cases? i just when in swinging and hoped for the best. But back to the story i think the best part was the good ending. I felt like a true hero to see the little sisters freed and given an opportunity to life a rich and fulfilling life.

Mass effect the battle against sovereign. Watching the big bad reaper get its just rewards was satisfying as all hell. its like a massive bully or predator suddenly having the roles reversed and the hunter becomes the prey and the evil monster deserved a horrible explosive death. Oh and to top it off, humanity being made a perm member of the council after being slagged off by the galaxy.
May 5, 2020
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Hi. The best story I've ever experience was: The Longest Journey.
I also love the characters. I truly pray they remake this into a AAA 3D open world game, for 3D open world games are but extension of the point & click, adventure games (thanks to Shenmue for being the father and inventor of 3D open world games).

God bless, Revelation 21:4
Gameplay-wise it was eh, but story-wise "Life Is Strange (Season One)" gutted me, and to a lesser extent its prequel "Before The Storm." Which totally surprised me, because I wasn't convinced I would like it or be able to relate going into it, but it managed to pull me in. And though the first one's "time-travel" element can feel gimmicky, it makes for a nice spin on the idea of the consequences of our actions and The Butterfly Effect.
'm not sure about "can't get over" but my favorite for stories is Witcher 3 - and not by just a little bit. That was really fun stuff! And that main game's ending... wow.

For me, a special mention for the Baron questline in Witcher 3.

The way you progressively piece together what's happened and it gets more horrible with every revelation, too...

Sad pandas all around.
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Jan 13, 2020
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Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods. She is a character I find myself relating to in many ways. Her story of struggling to find what her purpose is after coming home from college is universal and on top of that, the mysterious crap that happened in the woods.... What was that? We don't ever get a conclusion to that! Mae and her gang survive it but, they still live in Possum Springs amongst it. That's unsettling!
The Bloody Baron quest from Witcher 3 was quite memorable. Baron really felt like a real character; so much that you could really feel his pain. Two other memorable stories come from Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines called Sibling Rivalry and The Ghost Haunts at Midnight. The first one brings up a pretty dark subject for a video game and the latter being just plain scary with a pretty gritty story. The story surrounding the Nameless One and his wife, Deionarra in Planescape Torment is also very memorable that brings up the subject of intense love and selflessness.

Jul 13, 2020
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The story surrounding the Nameless One and his wife, Deionarra in Planescape Torment is also very memorable that brings up the subject of intense love and selflessness.

Hello there. I wouldn't call her exactly her wife but an asset since *spoilers*. Glad to see somebody else who appreciates Planescape: Torment.
I'm a fanboy about that game, played it numerous times, with all the classes available and I each time I find something new I've never experienced.
It's an old game but I got Enhanced Edition makeover so I suggest everyone try it out. It's an amazing setting, an amazing story with amazing characters.
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