Question Steering wheel Logitech driving force gt.

Jul 29, 2021
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I have a very real issue with this and older wheels. I tried GT Driving Force and G25 Wheels and neither are being recognised by the Logitech Gaming Software nor the Logitech Gaming Hub.

My PC sees it in the Device manager so I know it is not my computer.

After spending days ( literally) trying to get it to work I came across this post in another forum

So unless there is a fix I would not go anywhere near a Logitech unless you are willing to spend a lot of money on a newer wheel. I have tried to contact Logitech support, they only allow you 200 characters in their text box. No where near enough to explain your problem. I have also contacted them by phone and got the usual tactic of leaving you hanging. I tried for 30 mins with no automated reply letting you know if you are in a queue or not.

The other solution you are given is to download the latest updates. I have tried this too.

Please read the enclosed forum link, this really poses a lot of questions and is something that (if true) people should be aware of.
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