Stealth 420x Turtle beach connect to pc.

Apr 7, 2020

I am trying to connect my Turtle Beach Stealth 420x headset to my PC, hopefully without using my transmitter that is connected to my Xbox already, I don't want to keep unplugging and switching between the Xbox and PC. I don't mind wire connection from my PC, but has to be wireless from my Xbox

I have tried watching videos via YouTube, however due to my autism I find it extremely hard to follow what people say, how they say it and their actual voice, so I can't find a video or a guide that can help me.

I am also looking to get my Mic setup with the turtle beach headset, could I just leave my mic connected to my PC and run the headset separately? I am also looking for a turtle beach mic for my headset when I am using it via the Xbox, I have lost mine. (also lost all my controllers) for both Xbox One, Xbox One S and my Xbox 360, where I have maybe lost 10 items. I am sure they are all together somewhere safe.