Question stalker 2 is worth buy ?

Crysis was great fun! Crysis 1, anyway. (At the time. It probably won't hold up so well now.)
Yes it is, the first half of 1 and Warhead. Holds up great, I still play first half of both every year. 2nd half is where the aliens appear, and ruin the games imo.

I'm not sure what he's talking about there
Melting graphics card at release time—there's a meme since then, "Can it play Crysis".
Jul 8, 2021
If the remaining team is nearly as good as the split developers who continued with the Metro series, it sure is worth the money. But lets just wait, not too much shown yet...


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Given the fact that the first STALKER game was very buggy on the release date, I'd recommend waiting a little before pre-ordering. It's an open world game and open world games have trouble right after they're released. There's little hope that in this case it'll be different. I rarely pre-order games and STALKER 2 won't be one of the exceptions unfortunately.
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Jun 8, 2021
It will probably be worth a buy a month or two after release. This is not to say it won't necessarily be a good game at launch, but how many times do we as gamers need to sit through downloading massive day one patches for games that will still be horribly optimized and broken even after the patch before we realize that preordering games is just a bad idea?
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