Sound problem with new gaming laptop, sound on games only work about 50% of the time

Nov 19, 2020
I recently got a new gaming laptop, an MSI GL62MVR 7RFX and every so often I encounter a sound problem (usually with steam). Sometimes when I play a steam trailer on the games page, I'll hear a static sound through the headphones before it starts, and the trailer often keeps restarting. Also lately I've been unable to hear sound from about 50% of my games (some games still work regardless). The games that I can't hear sound from do play sound, but only sometimes, and after a while of restarting and waiting, randomly when launching the game again I'll hear sound.

Today I was playing a game, then I exited. I then started browsing steam games in the store and watching trailers, then I decided to play a youtube video in the background, simultaneously while watching the trailers, all of a sudden I heard a static headphones noise, the youtube video stopped, and so did the steam trailer. I refreshed the youtube video and it was working again w/sound. But then I went to play that same game I was playing before, only this time I could hear no sound (although there is still sound elsewhere). So I'm not sure if there's a connection between the two?

I have tried
-Updating my sound and audio drivers
-Checking the sound mixer to make sure everythings on
-Updating windows to the latest version
-Restarting my laptop
-Checking sound enhancements (I don't have any)

None with any avail, the sound to these steam games just seem to randomly start working again after a while, and I haven't figured out the cause. Any solution would be appreciated, thanks
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Aug 25, 2020
Intermittent problems like yours are the worst to troubleshoot, I don't have any good practical suggestions for you, despite your good description and troubleshooting so far.

Have a look in Task Manager in case there's something running which could cause this—while you're there, disable anything you don't need in the Startup tab.

I'd say you have 2 options left:
Talk to MSI support;
Return under warranty.
Good luck!
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