Soulslinger: Envoy of Death


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This is launching into early access on December 14th, and it has a demo (I'll add it to the demo thread later). Discovered this while working on the monthly post and thought perhaps it was worth it to make a big deal out of it after playing the demo.

It's a roguelite. The atmosphere reminds me of Strange Brigade. You travel through portals that are usually marked with a type of treasure or resource that can be found in the level beyond. Combat is very fast. When you arrive on a level, enemies start spawning and rushing you or firing at you. I suppose there's more than one way to go about it, but I liked finding a chokepoint and just lighting them up as they came through. This wasn't possible on every level. Whatever you do, do it fast because they come after you hard. Along the way you find level ups, various resources and other treasures. You can also find a vendor who sells power-ups.

Eventually you die and go back to the home area, hand over your souls to Death, use the crafting table and pick a level up. The stuff that you do here is permanent. The things that you do when you are out fighting are only for those runs. Fairly standard for a roguelite, I think.

I had a lot of fun with the demo and lasted quite awhile before dying--to the point where I began to worry the game would be too easy for people better at shooters (which is most everyone), but on my second time through I returned to my normal form and died pretty early on.

Anyway, we often have people looking for new shooters, and I think this one is worth a look, especially with the free demo.


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