Simple Graphics Question

Jan 21, 2021
Hello friends!

This is a copy of a gif I saw on twitter. I made this copy because I want to learn how this effect is done. It is a static image that has been turned into a gif. Two simple visual effects have been added by the person who made this. There is a flash of light simulation as well as sparkles of light emanating from the subjects of the image.


I want to know if there is an easy way to do this using publicly available animation creation and graphic creation software.

I also would like to find out how to make, if I choose to, a fireworks explosion effect in the back ground of an image.

Please help.
There are plenty of open source free gif making software out there, im linking an article to a list of the top 10, they have a break down of what each includes.

I have personally used and giphy. They both are pretty good.
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