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May 6, 2024
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Hey, guys! I bought a RTX 4090. My previous GPU was a RTX 4080 but when I played very demanding games with RayTracing and PathTracing, I wasn't very happy. BTW the 4080 is great GPU. I sold it for $900, so my 4090 cost me $1400 including a new PSU. My monitor is UWQHD (3440x1440). What I want to say, I want to grab a RTX 5090 sometime in Dec 2024. Am I fool for buying the 4090 now and will be getting a 5090 later this year? I just wanted the best of the best for now.
So is there anyone who upgraded from the 4080 to the 4090 and don’t regret it? Also really wonder if the 5090 will be available by end of the years or early 2025.
May 13, 2024
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While I doubt I would ever bother with the top GPU model, I could never criticize someone for wanting the best when I've made what might be equally crazy purchases alone on other gear (like what I just spent on a A/V processor for the mancave which was way overkill, and even my personal "Office Home Theater/Gaming" setup is way more than people have in their main setup). So I'm of the opinion/practice that if I you have the coin for something and it's serving it's purpose, then don't look back.

On that note, I upgraded to a 4070 Super few months ago from a vanilla 3070 with the same idea that I'd grab a 5070 or 5080 when they release. But 2 weeks after getting the 4070S, I ended up ordering a 4080 Super. Two of them, in fact, because they were hard to get initially and the first order I put in for glitched and I didn't have confidence it went through, so I bought a 2nd one for insurance ;). But I never got around to installing the 4080s and I ended up returning them as I'm perfectly happy with the 4070 S. Chances are I'd have kept one of the 4080 S's had I installed one, even knowing the performance advantage over the 4070 S wasn't much.
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