Question RTX 2070 - i7 7700 GPU Bound?!

Aug 16, 2020
Hey Everyone, brand new member as of today with a somewhat noob question about my first build.

I just upgraded my GPU to an RTX 2070 from a GTX 1070. It's exactly the boost I was looking for and from a performance standpoint (fps, temps), everything seems accurate ...until I check out the readings in Afterburner; GPU utilization is 95-98% while none of the CPU cores ever rise above 50%. Not to say something is definitely wrong, but given my system specs, it's not what I expected to see.

i7 7700 (non-K)
Asus Prime H-270 Plus MoBo
2x8 Hyper X Fury 2400 MHz
RTX 2070 Gaming Z
240 Sandisk SSD
Corsair CX 650M
Cooler Master NR600

Loaded with fans, full mesh front panel, custom fan curve etc... GPU temps maxed at 67°. Nothing seems wrong.

Again, I do not want to suggest a definitive issue, but I was anticipating 90-100% utilization on all CPU cores with the GPU sitting anywhere in the 60-85% range. Everything I have read thus far indicates the GPU should be limited by the CPU, not the other way around. But I don't know anything. Is this normal? Am I over thinking this?

*all the readings are pulled from Rage 2 - 1080p* If this isn't enough info, I'm open to actually benchmarking if anyone has suggestions of free ones....

I probably forgot something so please ask questions. Thank you to everyone.
You've got things backwards there. For the most part its better that the GPU is sitting near 100%. In action games like Rage 2 generally speaking the CPU is not pushed that hard.

You probably are over thinking it anyway, just play your games without the monitoring software. If and when you actually sense a problem with the performance start looking for the reason.
Aug 16, 2020
Hey thanks for the reply...

You're totally right, and I got the exact same feedback from a couple guys on a Facebook group. I guess I just didn't expect the 2070 to match my CPU that well. Needless to say, I'm really happy with the turn out.