Remember "RuneScape"? Every original version of the game is lost. But if you ever played it, you might have a missing version

Jul 22, 2023
Hi everyone,

RuneScape is a free browser MMORPG that was pretty popular in the 2000s. Although the game was being continuously updated from its launch in 2001, the developers only kept backups of 2 of the game's 400+ versions before 2012. Everything else from before then is lost.

However if you ever played the game once, just for a few minutes then never again, the full files would be automatically downloaded and stored on your computer. A lot of people here may have briefly checked out the game, so would be likely to have a rare old version. It would be great if people here could check any old computers, hard drives, or backups that they ever may have tried RuneScape on.
We can use these files to explore things like cut content, graphical updates, inaccessible areas, and ultimately ensure they are not lost forever in case the developers ever wanted to bring these old versions back.

The specific directories to check: (you should see files with names like main_file_cache)
  • C:/WINDOWS/.file_store_32
  • C:/WINDOWS/.jagex_cache_32
Just to clarify, these files do not contain any personal information whatsoever - it's just the game's raw assets like maps, models, music, etc.

Thanks in advance, if you have any concerns/questions I'd be happy to answer