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Yes. I'm one of those people who when their odometer rolls over to a flat number they smile. I love getting achievements. Not to the point of being a completionist, but when that little notification pops up in the corner of my screen I feel elated. Not because those achievements really mean anything, but because they make me feel like I've accomplished something.

So what achievements are you proud of? What does Steam say your rarest achievement is? Which game has the best achievements? Or the worst?

Thanks @Frindis for the nudge to make this thread. Here's some fun articles PCG has already published on the topic:

According to Steam, the rarest achievement I have is Pyramid Scheme for Civilization V: "Playing as France, get the Louvre to the maximum theming bonus of 16."

It's not particularly hard to get if you really want it, but apparently only 1% of players has completed it.
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I can't think of any I was really proud of, so here is a funny one I got while playing RUST: 'Save The Planet' - Recycle 5 empty cans at a recycler.

My rarest Steam achievement comes from Tales of Maj'Eyal: 'Emancipation' - Had the golem kill a boss while its master was already dead & Take you with me - Killed a boss while already dead.


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The one I'm most proud of is getting the HUB mission done in X3: Terran Conflict with barely any AFK-SETA'ing (basically, situating yourself somewhere very safe and letting the game go at 10x speed while you go do something else for hours) or piracy. There's supposed to be an achievement for finishing the HUB but, because I used an early version of the bonus pack, my game was considered 'modded' so I got no credit. Oh well. I got a video (which I already posted in the "ridiculous lengths" topic). That's all I really need, right? <sniff whimper>

On my game profile I featured the following
  • BattleTech's "Bug Stomper" - because I'm a programmer and love stomping on bugs
  • Dead or Alive 5's "Say Cheese!" - because it's got a camera and (in case you haven't noticed) I love taking screenshots
  • X: Rebirth's "Cartographer: Cold Star" - because one of the very few mods I've made is in Rebirth's Cold Star sector
  • The Stanley Parable's "Knock on door 430 five times" - because it was a fun achievement
  • Saints Row: The Third's "Your backseat smells funny" - to remind everyone that there is one game that actually made a fun escort mission
  • Divinity: Original Sin's "Disciples of the Watch" - because I spend a lot of time on
  • South Park: the Stick of Truth's "Animal Cruelty" - because the look on that dog's face makes me grin every time I see it
Rarest two achievements are in BattleTech. One was Deadliest Catch, which really isn't that hard, and Professional Scavenger, which is more about patience than difficulty. Both are 0.40%.

P.S. If you want to see your "rarest" achievements on Steam and you've been there long enough to be able to edit your profile, just go in and tell it to show your rarest achievements on your profile. You can cancel the change after it shows you're most rare are.

P.P.S. Most rare meaning most rare among the people that have played the game. Might be interesting to multiply by the number of players and figure out what achievements I've got that are rarest among Steam accounts.
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I am definitely not an achievement hunter - I rarely go "100%" on anything, but there's a couple of achievements on Steam that I got that are apparently rare. Or even super rare.

Looking at my profile right now the rarest ones I have are:
- I AM IRON MAN in ELDERBORN - 0.01% players have this (beat game with permadeath)
- THE ELDERBORN in ELDERBORN - 0.20% players have this (unlock all achievements, the permadeath is rarer because it was added in latest update promptly making me install this game yet again)
- SOLO in PILLARS OF ETERNITY - 0.30% players have this (beat game solo, was way tougher than expected, late game I was just hiding and running away from anything)
- MASTER TACTICIAN in ICEWIND DALE - 0.30% players have this (beat the game on Heart of Fury difficulty, did it twice and even made a small "article" about the process)

And there's few more from Elderborn, but I am also proud of these:
- FLYING SOLO in Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 - 0.4% / 0.6% players have this (beat game solo, easy)
- THE DARK SOUL in DARK SOULS III - 2.9% players have this (get all achievements in DS3, was fun)
- I AM A COLLECTOR MYSELF in SHADOW WARRIOR 2 - 1.0% players have this (get all achievements again)

Outside of Steam games, being again in Masters 1 in StarCraft II is definitely the "feelsgoodman" kind of achievement.


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I rarely modify my gameplay style to catch achievements, but it happened a few times. As of now I don't have a single game in which I unlocked every achievement. The closest to completion in my collection is Fallout: New Vegas in which I've unlocked 80% of achievements. I'm really considering to max it out some day. It shouldn't be extremely hard to do so. Fallout: New Vegas is probably also the game in which I have an achievement that I'm most proud of. I've finished the game in Hardcore mode playing from start to finish. The rarest achievement is also from Fallout: New Vegas. It's called Pros Only and only 2.1% of people managed to unlock it.
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My rarest achievement is in Super Mega Baseball, but that may be because it just came out. It's for having a perfect season and .8 percent of players have that. I've also got 3 Warframe achievements that are between .8 and 1 percent.

How hard did I work for these? I didn't. They just happened.
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In a Single Battle in World of Warships -

Kraken Unleashed - Destroy 5 or more ships in a single battle.

Dreadnought - Receive damage exceeding 120% of your ship's normal HP from four or more enemies and survive the battle.

Unsinkable - Receive damage from flooding that exceeds 40% of your ship's normal HP and survive the battle.

High Caliber - Damage at least four enemy ships. Damage caused must exceed 30% of the total HP of all the ships on the enemy team.

That was one insane battle took roughly 50 minutes. The last 15 minutes was Me and another Battleship weaving between Islands and him shooting me from behind while had to repair and dodge. Eventually he messed up and got stuck in a sandbank on the side of the island. I was able to take a hard turn, line up the shot and fired a full broadside into him. Best battle I ever had.
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Kind of on/off topic, but I just got an achievement that was kind of funny. I decided to make a custom league for the first time and populate it with heroes and villains. The first team I made was the Saiyans. I'm a big DB fan, so the first character I made was Goku, and the first thing I did was raise all his stats to maximum. When I was done with the last stat, an achievement called "Fairness is Overrated" popped up. Four percent of people have that achievement.
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Alright, time for me to throw in my two cents. Lot of great posts on this thread so far - some of you are really dedicated to some of these titles doing the crazy permadeath stuff or getting all the achievements.

As I mentioned I'm not exactly a completionist with the exception of a few games. My proudest achievements are:

  • Hotline Miami - Achievement Whore (Unlock all achievements)
  • Alien: Isolation - Survivor (Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting)
  • DOOM 2016 - What Else Ya Got? (Complete all mission challanges)
  • Into the Breach - Complete Victory (Beat the game with all 10 primary squads)
  • Mad Max - Looked Everywhere (Looted all Scavenging Locations)
  • Max Payne 3 - A License to Kill (Collect all Golden Guns)
My rarest achievement is:
  • Cities: Skylines - What the...? (Experience a special disaster) 0.4% of players have achieved this
I have to imagine the only reason this is so rare is because it requires the Disasters DLC and on top of that if you use workshop mods that disable achievements (especially if you don't have the workshop mod that allows achievements while modding) you won't collect any. Cause all you really have to do is play long enough that the Chirpnado disaster event occurs.
I do wonder how many achievements that are really rare percentage wise are the kind of games that just sit in a lot of people's library unplayed or barely played.

EDIT: for example, in Skyrim, only 77.8% of players has the achievement for reaching level 5. Similarly, in Civ V, only 77.6% has the achievement for building a wonder.
Tales of Maj'Eyal, which I had never heard of, only has 37.5% for the achievement to do the tutorial. As a side note, this game has an insane number of achievements: 1755!
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I think you have to play a game for it to count at all. Otherwise MANY games would have well under 50% for early achievements. I don't know if you have to play for X minutes for it to count or if you just have to get the main menu showing one time.

There's always going to be plenty of people that play a game for, say, an hour and immediately give up. I wonder if they still count as "players" if they refund? (Though I'm sure plenty of folks don't bother to refund or can't because the game has been sitting in their backlog for months.)

And yeah, it's always kinda sad to see how few folks finish games. Not 100% finish but just "get to the ending" finish. A game is doing well, IMHO, if it breaks 25%. Many are under 10%.


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