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Thats a Powercolor liquid devil. They only limited by the temps you run them at.

So you are right but most 7900 XTX don't have unlocked power or EK waterblocks built in.

closest I can do is turn my Red Devil blue to match the liquid devils logo color
RGB on PSU fans just makes people think the fans should be pointing up in the case... also, even if it is standing up, the lights have to get through the PSU shroud.

Or you have a underglow on your case if you do know the right way...

Either way, its a marketing ploy to sell bad PSU to gamers - https://www.gamdias.com/en/component/power?series=KRATOS

red flag for that brand for me is they have Gaming chairs on front page lol.
RGB all the things - https://www.gamdias.com/

learning all the wrong lessons from Razer
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Glad I decided to avoid the Nvidia 40 series. It was originally based on the power supply but that is least of its problems

Two worth buying
  1. 4090
  2. 4060
Everything inbetween isn't worth it

I had a 960 but I think it was the 4gb model. Sad when the new 4060 TI can't beat the old 3060 TI. What are you getting for the money?
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