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I was told Red was too dark


I can at least see more in there now. Its constantly changing colours so its not boring, ram & GPU normally similar colors, the fan does its own thing. Sometimes it all syncs up.

My mouse wasn't right clicking... I thought, its too soon for a new one... updated mouse software, right click works again. I know what one I want, I am just not in a rush. Would be nice to have a month without any upgrades.

right click is not fixed :(
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I had been hearing a whirring noise ever since putting AIO in PC. I thought something was rubbing or I had a bad fan... ends up the fans don't like running at say 1000 rpm and make whining noises. Its a common fault of the fans. Anyway, reducing their speed to say 700 means I don't hear anything now. Its not silent but that is hard to do with a glass sided case.
the drivers seemed to fix it last night, but today the chances of it not working are higher than it actually working.

It is younger than my last Steelseries... that ones buttons still worked at end, it just misbehaved in windows. I can save it as a spare I guess.
It was time to clean glass on case, I had been stalling it with all the work I done in PC recently

Nice not having to remove glass to see inside without smudges. Most of marks on glass now are reflections.
I assume monitors go in here... And since some people use TV as monitors, I will post here...

This isn't me for once... 7 months ago I sent an email to my brother showing OLED TV models to him as mum really needs a new TV. Its got scratches on it and sometimes starts with a purple screen. Brother finally replied tonight, so just as well I started a word document 7 months ago with tv details or I would be starting afresh.

Probably get one of these:

She is almost 80. She has been using Sony TV for years, so its best to just buy something she knows the name to. I would have picked something else, as there are better. But its not my gift.
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Some members of his audience didn't believe the results, think he mixed up the 4070 with 7800xt, he had to issue a video saying its real.

seems its fake... you know, that really doesn't help

Pity really. Mine still wins :D
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Weird, his 7800XT is almost hitting the same frames as his 7900XT and the 4070 is getting half of that at times.

TPU and Kitguru have both done tests on Avatar Pandora showing the 4070 about 10-20% faster in that game, I believe I'll trust them over FrogBoyX1Gaming.
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Firefox and Ublock Origin, dont get any Youtube ads on PC still. I just kind of blank them out on my tablet, or skip through any in video ads. Some smaller channels make them funny at least, nothing worse than a dry advert if you have to have one. Do understand they have to make money, especially places that do mostly good work like GN, Kit Guru, or HUB.
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Firefox and Ublock Origin, dont get any Youtube ads
I have that combo on my phone already, it sure breaks some apps when they try to open links to ads and well, i block them. I just get a black screen. I already set Firefox as default browser.

Its good we still have the ability to skip ahead in videos or Youtube would just be like TV. I stopped watching TV 8 years or more ago now to avoid advertising. Can't imagine sitting through 10 minutes of commercials every 20 minutes. Pass. I have better things to do with my time.... like sit on Youtube trying to find something to watch.... it used to be easier.


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