Quiz: name that game

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Aug 31, 2022
CORRECT!!! it was in fact regions of ruin. Almost done with the game so i will be writing a post about it very soon. in the next few days in fact...
Oh, I‘m looking forward to it. :) It looks very interesting and I like the style from what I‘ve seen so far!

Alright, let‘s see if you recognize this one here. For me, its an all time classic of my favourite genre. :)

Aug 31, 2022
Here are some more screenshots of the game to help you out:

And some hints:
The red haired main character of the game is called Nina Kalenkow. Her aim is to find her father Vladimir Kalenkow who is missing. She gets help from her fathers colleague Max Gruber (first picture in this post) whose name might give a hint of the production country of the game.
Aug 31, 2022
The first pic with the motorbike triggered an "I might've played this"—but no trigger in the other pics. But those names definitely ring a bell.

I think it's one of the Secret Files games, so I'll guess Tunguska.
DING DING DING! We have a winner! It is indeed Secret Files: Tunguska 🥳

I'm glad I'm not the only one who played the game. I am quite surprised that so many of the games I played are actually german productions. I only realized it now that I'm writing in an english forum... :LOL:

@Brian Boru The stage is yours :)
I only realized it now that I'm writing in an english forum
Yeah, same here—many of mine are American or Canadian productions, but luckily I have a good to-English translator so it's barely noticeable these days. Occasionally you'll get some illiterate claiming there's no 'U' in humor, but that's rare.

What Germany does best imo are board games, some of the absolute top designers are Deutsch if I recall correctly.

glad I'm not the only one who played the game
I played the trilogy at least twice each, they were fun. Puritas Cordis I think? But what was the 3rd…?

The stage is yours
Oh crap, forgot about that…

Far Cry 5

(Or do I have to wait for him to post first?) ;)

Maybe a little format change—identify a FC5 character or location… TBA :)
Or maybe not. But would that fit the thread for 'haven't played 10,000 games' people like me?

Played this a few years ago, really good.

This doesn't look familiar at all, but I noticed the weapon has "EMT X3" written on it. Googling that gives me only one promising result, a description of the MP40 weapon from Battallion: Legacy on SteamDB which mentions it was "inspired by the EMT-X3 Energy Manipulation Tool. The main weapon in Bulkhead’s previous game, The Turing Test."

So my guess is The Turing Test.