Quiz: name that game

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Yep, Death Stranding. You can see one of the dark strands in the upper right of that picture. The game has little bits of other games, too - which is something I didn't know about the game when I started playing.

Your turn - oh wait, you've already got one! A pity I don't recognize it, I could have confirmed, answered, and posted the next image all at once!
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i think this ones quite tough as they only made one game but heres another screenshot:

Also some bigger hints. The green blob thing? is actually a mushroom. That's also in the title of the game! can you identify the game now?
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Aug 31, 2022
Still no solution? Okay, here‘s another screenshot from a cutscene showing some of the characters:

And some more hints:
- I named the game as one of my favourites in the favourites thread.
- A hint not just for Dr. Who fans out there: Big Bad Wolf! ;)
- Release date was 2018.

Good luck!
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