Quiz: name that game

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Googling "natural yeagers" let me to 3030 Deathwar.

Is it any good?
Correct! its 3030 Deathwar a space odyssey! for an indie game made by a small team its pretty impressive. The redux edition made some significant changes to make it more easier to play. it has some pretty decent graphics and writing imo.

For some reason its got me hooked as i spend much of my time delivering packages, being taxi driver and scavenger. Not been doing much space combat namely my aim is woeful. My current concern is that there isn't much side story\quests. There is an over arching one but atm its basically asking me to travel to the other side of the galaxy to forward the main story. All the side quests have sadly dried up in my case.

@Pifanjr over to you!
Is this game fun? What's it about?
It's fun as a coop game, I didn't really care for it much in single player. The game is about a team of thieves trying to steal as much as possible without being caught. There's 8 different characters, each with their own specialization/ability, such as being able to pick locks or hack computers much quicker, knock out guards for a bit or even to dig through walls.

It's fun to try to plan your way through, but it's mostly fun when everything goes wrong and people are scrambling to hide from guards, accidentally leading them to other players or realizing their hiding spot had a hole drilled into the wall that makes them visible to even more guards.

CORRECT it was in fact Ronin! honestly i didn't even notice it. hell i didn't even think it was possible when taking screenshots with Steam it would take a photo of the UI along with the game.

Ronin would have been an alright game if it wasn't some glaring flaws with the game mechanics that sort of fail at a fundamental level. Time moves forward in second increments but the problem is that as soon as you land on the wall or floor your character stops dead. This is deeply annoying when you end your turn milmetres away from the wall and when you move again you touch the wall and you get picked off by the enemies.

@Zloth your turn!
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How does that work?

Rare occasion I do a screenie, I just hit Print Screen & save the JPG in IrfanView.

Now that you mention it, I think Far Cry 5 has a built-in screenie taker.

Press F12 and steam will take a screenshot and once you quit the game you can feel free to save/delete/upload them to the cloud. What baffles me is that if the steamapp was an overlay i would have thought it would have just taken a screenshot ingame as oppose to parts of the steam overlay as well...

some with dedicated screenshot makers are awesome. Assassins creed and Middle Earth shadow of war/mordor were pretty good.