Quiz: name that game

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Jan 13, 2020
So sorry guys, my 9 month old son got really sick which ended up in a hospital trip and plenty of rest for him at home so I've been out of the box. All is good now, just one of those viruses that is mild for adults but terrible for infants!

So back to the thread... what am I looking at?! Holy cow I'm not sure if I want to know the name of that game @ZedClampet :D

Here's one less... risque

View: https://imgur.com/a/rFP9ziq
Chroma Squad.

Kind of looks like the Power Rangers.

CORRECT! it was infact Chroma Squad! Not a bad little turned based strategy game. catchy soundtracks something i do listen to every so often. Apparently it was "inspired" by power rangers the owners of power rangers weren't exactly thrilled to discover this game.

It must be some later part of Persona 4 - I've already seen the foreshadowing!

Ah yes Featherman R! You can buy the costumes and pretend to be various members in the shadow world. Personally i like the butler or FBI costume as for the ladies? i picked the skimpy costumes. obviously.
I think this is a trick screenshot. I doubt its civlization. I'm saying call to power 2 is the game.
Close enough. It's actually Civilization: Call to Power (they lost the rights to the Civilization name for the sequel).

I got it once from an acquaintance of my parents who was cleaning up his house. I only played a little bit of it, but it was cool you could build cities under water.