Quiz: name that game

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Still no answers eh? ok time for the sell out for the game. A FULL screenshot!

Your clue for the day: Whats on the menu at this otaku bar?

I'm pretty confident someone will get it very quickly!
Ok time to wrap this up. I guess we need even bigger hints:

If that doesn't work out, i'll give the publisher/developer tomorrow. But you've got a lot there, character names, a full screenshot, even the main ingame food brand.


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Oh, I see! The URL isn't changing, it's just growing the image that's there. I thought there was some way to actually post images to a discussion thread here instead of the Media section!

So anyway...

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Yep, Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock! I actually don't have a single screenshot of that game, only videos. When the battle is done, the game lets you watch a replay of the whole thing with music and dramatic camerawork. That shot is from 2:13 into this video...
Looks like the developers are still doing updates for the game, too.
Feb 17, 2020
And the Enterprise, and the Kodiak from C&C apparently at various points.

If the guesser is meant to submit the next image, I'll do this one (UI elements cut out). Would go for something more obscure but would take a while to root through the collection and I don't want to stagnate the thread :)

Edit: lol, this time with a changed file name that doesn't include the steam app ID :/ (no sneaky looking at the post version history, mods ;))
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